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  1. Carolina Frade's rating of the film Dodsworth

  2. Aardsy's rating of the film Dodsworth

    The first bickering couple on THE AMAZING RACE.

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film Dodsworth

    C'est lourd, inutile et fastidieux !

  4. adam's rating of the film Dodsworth

  5. grotesc's rating of the film Dodsworth

  6. Thomas's rating of the film Dodsworth

    A lovely surprise. I'd not heard of this before but it stands up (still) as one of Wyler's finest sweeping melodramas. The chemistry between Huston and Astor is enchanting, and not only is there crisis and tragedy but also a lot of humour.

  7. 'king Harold's rating of the film Dodsworth

    I've absolutely loved these Wyler films, I knew nothing about him before and this is brilliant.

  8. P Teddy Sawyer's rating of the film Dodsworth

    Superb and supremely Amerikan upper-cust kitchen sink drama ! 1936, a time when the the new capitalist demi-gods saw all of humanity's future stretched out before them, this tale asserts the gentle humane and wholesome nature of the class which was funding the rise of facism. Dodsworth gazes into the possibilities of a dynamic and romantic future from an Italian setting. The Simpson-Edward Windsor story is sub-text

  9. Christine's rating of the film Dodsworth

    Loved this film. It's 80 years old and yet it contains universal truths.What a gem!

  10. George Harvey Bone's rating of the film Dodsworth

    What a film! Hollywood at its finest - a sumptuous dissection of a relationship. Ruth Chatterton is superb, and Walter Huston is fast becoming one of my favourite actors. Unmissable.

  11. macinytresymon's rating of the film Dodsworth

    excellent!! never does what you expect

  12. marco's rating of the film Dodsworth

    forgotten films from classic era (2)

  13. ShawnD's rating of the film Dodsworth

    What a pleasant surprise this was. Yes, it's a depiction of the troubles of wealthy whites amid the Great Depression. And the dialogue is a dated. But the characters are three-dimensional and the plot hums along. Viewers can imagine the leads as actual people posing questions which aren't simple to answer. They are "Who am I?" And, "If I'm that person, is my husband/wife right for me?"

  14. Nacnud Schmalz's rating of the film Dodsworth

    From back when a little - or a lot? - of flirtation was seen as acceptable. Ruth Chatterton is great as the shallow/self-centered/conflicted younger wife. Perhaps if old Dodsworth had only taken some dancing lessons...! Well, played out to Mary Astor's gain.

  15. Feng Ling's rating of the film Dodsworth

    sweet ending, but what I saw was dodsworth going for a second round. Sure the wife took his care for hogwash, but what of her successor? purposefully hiding the phone call... was for him to be freed and of his own man, yet how much of her own interests came into play? Point is that I don't think the wife's actions originate from some inborn ostentation or narcissism; her early and long marriage shaped her greatly...

  16. shimown's rating of the film Dodsworth

    "Love has got to stop some place just short of suicide." Wow! An extraordinary film that surveys the gamut of challenges encountered in the marriage of a successful newly-retired industrialist and his restless much younger wife. A fascinating document of how mature love works, and how selfishness and immaturity can kill it.

  17. greyladycine's rating of the film Dodsworth

    'You're rushing at old age Sam, and I'm simply not ready for that."

  18. mpho3's rating of the film Dodsworth

    "One of those rare monumental movies that strikes a tender, bittersweet chord with audiences by focusing on delicate or controversial subject matter far ahead of its time: here, the deterioration of a marriage contains timeless, resonant social commentary. It is a masterful examination of aging, differences in age, and a heavy-hitting reflection on infidelity, second chances, and preserving youth." - the Masie Twins

  19. Wesley Foster's rating of the film Dodsworth

    A classic that some how feels modern and new. William Wyler is a director of great courage beating against the currents of his time to deliver a true masterpiece.

  20. Brian Gutierrez's rating of the film Dodsworth

    Difficult to rate this one, I was completely surprised with its choice of approach to the subject matter. I think what surprises me is when it was made and how it analyzes marriage. While I can't look away from how the male character finds a solution, I think the time period is of consideration. But the bravery in Wyler to examine marriage within the period of the characters lives where reevaluation comes aboard

  21. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film Dodsworth

    A complex tale involving the search for a Shangri-La that doesn't exist. Huston's character wants to see the world after being a cloistered captain of industry but finds it empty; his wife has wanderlust for rich men and their trappings. Huston's Dodsworth finally finds his own self after escaping his shallow wife. Huston's transformation from homespun to howling wolf is amazing. A bit dated but interesting.

  22. William R Clark's rating of the film Dodsworth

    Wyler moves at his own pace, isn't afraid to reveal something new about a character at the last second or cut away just when we're getting comfortable. There's sexism on the page that makes it to the screen, but barely, as every shot, edit, lets us know that this is the story of two people. The family's greatest success is its failure. The leads are extraordinarily embodied in their roles. oscar for prod. design lol

  23. Omus's rating of the film Dodsworth

    All that rich people melodrama seems kind of pointless knowing that Europe is going to burn again in a few years.

  24. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Dodsworth

    A lovely romance told in sweeping images and perfect camera placement. Huston is amazing.

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