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  1. Photo of Sidney Lumet

    Sidney Lumet Director

  2. Photo of Frank Pierson

    Frank Pierson Screenplay

  3. Photo of P.F. Kluge

    P.F. Kluge Screenplay

  4. Photo of Thomas Moore

    Thomas Moore Screenplay

  5. Photo of Leslie Waller

    Leslie Waller Screenplay

  6. Photo of Al Pacino

    Al Pacino Cast

  7. Photo of John Cazale

    John Cazale Cast

  8. Photo of Charles Durning

    Charles Durning Cast

  9. Photo of Chris Sarandon

    Chris Sarandon Cast

  10. Photo of Sully Boyar

    Sully Boyar Cast

  11. Photo of Penelope Allen

    Penelope Allen Cast

  12. Photo of James Broderick

    James Broderick Cast

  13. Photo of Carol Kane

    Carol Kane Cast

  14. Photo of Beulah Garrick

    Beulah Garrick Cast

  15. Photo of Lance Henriksen

    Lance Henriksen Cast

  16. Photo of Judith Malina

    Judith Malina Cast

  17. Photo of Dominic Chianese

    Dominic Chianese Cast

  18. Photo of Sandra Kazan

    Sandra Kazan Cast

  19. Photo of Marcia Jean Kurtz

    Marcia Jean Kurtz Cast

  20. Photo of Amy Levitt

    Amy Levitt Cast

  21. Photo of John Marriott

    John Marriott Cast

  22. Photo of Estelle Omens

    Estelle Omens Cast

  23. Photo of Gary Springer

    Gary Springer Cast

  24. Photo of Carmine Foresta

    Carmine Foresta Cast

  25. Photo of Floyd Levine

    Floyd Levine Cast

  26. Photo of Dick Anthony Williams

    Dick Anthony Williams Cast

  27. Photo of Marcia Haufrecht

    Marcia Haufrecht Cast

  28. Photo of Susan Peretz

    Susan Peretz Cast

  29. Photo of William Bogert

    William Bogert Cast

  30. Photo of Ron Cummins

    Ron Cummins Cast

  31. Photo of Jay Gerber

    Jay Gerber Cast

  32. Photo of Philip Charles MacKenzie

    Philip Charles MacKenzie Cast

  33. Photo of Chu Chu Malave

    Chu Chu Malave Cast

  34. Photo of Lionel Pina

    Lionel Pina Cast

  35. Photo of Ed Metzger

    Ed Metzger Cast

  36. Photo of Victor J. Kemper

    Victor J. Kemper Cinematography

  37. Photo of Charles Bailey

    Charles Bailey Production Design

  38. Photo of Martin Bregman

    Martin Bregman Producer

  39. Photo of Martin Elfand

    Martin Elfand Producer

  40. Photo of Dede Allen

    Dede Allen Editing