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  1. Nelson Núñez's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

    Una película que apuesta al esquema de Alien o Depredador (un grupo lucha por su supervivencia enfrentándose a una criatura mortal, en este caso una manada de hombres lobos) Los diálogos pretendidamente cómicos y agudos son penosos. La dirección carece de vuelo. Después de este film fallido, Neil Marshall se redimiría con la estupenda The Descent.

  2. Bob's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

    Probably the best werewolf film since 1994's "Wolf" which says more about a sub-genre than the actual brilliance of this movie. It offers the best werewolf design ever put on film, competent cast and solid "Predator" alike story. Unfortunately, as the plot progresses, it becomes more like a collection of chase scenes, which becomes tiresome. And cheap twists doesn't help either. Still, a must see for werewolf lovers.

  3. kartina obskura's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

    Sur un thème classique du cinéma fantastique, la lycanthropie, une oeuvre efficace et prenante, faisant primer l'action à outrance, qui ne manque pas de surprendre, hormis durant le dernier quart d'heure, d'une affligeante médiocrité, perdant de sa pugnacité et de son mordant, en alignant quelques scènes d'un navrant ridicule, tel ce stupide pugilat entre un soldat et un gigantesque loup-garou.

  5. Mathias Palmberg's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

    A fun and fast paced werewolf flick with pretty good performances and solid direction. What hampers the movie somewhat is the budgetary constraints and that the effects does not really hold up for scrutiny which is a must in a creature feature. Nevertheless the movie succeeds since it does not pretend to be anything that it´s not.

  6. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

    Such a tight, action-packed horror thriller. What a fun ride!

  7. Log Lady's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

    Was preparing for the worst, but this managed to surprise me positively. Uses suspense and gore effectively, has fun moments, and the progression of the situation is handled well. The twist at the end is foreshadowed too much for my taste, but the scene where the werewolves gather around is actually quite creepy.

  8. lizle's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

  9. MichaelBarry's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

  10. Junda Mane's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

    Highly effective low-budget creature feature. Was a fond favourite of mine back in high school.

  11. Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

    Ranks up there with the strangest, yet most fun b movies of the 2000's. Good friends with one of the main producers. Still talk about it every now and then.

  12. gloryofistanbul's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

  13. Sandy Connell's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

    Dog Soldiers is the sort of sharp, simple and effective cult fare I WANT to see genre directors starting with! Marshall's no Kubrick, but I'm always willing to make time for his loving genre movies - though I don't think he's topped Dog Soldiers yet, which is a little disappointing (and I liked Centurion much more than I probably should have).

  14. ArmandS's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

    Well written characters, great action and suspense, plenty of gore for the gorehounds, but also, a fantastic sense of humour. Easily one of the best werewolf and horror films to come along in the last 20 years.

  15. Scout Tafoya's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

  16. Hunter Duesing's rating of the film Dog Soldiers

    Sort of like PREDATOR with werewolves. No transformation scene aside, it's a cool debut from Neil Marshall, and he went on to do better things.