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Ratings & Reviews

  1. ejonline's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    Having grown up on the East Coast and participated in skate culture in fits and starts over the years, in some ways the film served to remind me of things that I knew but had forgotten. The movie connected some dots but it was not revelatory. I guess it falls into that category of documentaries about things you didn't experience (thus, you can learn about) but were somewhat connected to (thus, you are somewhat jaded)

  2. Thomas's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    Exciting and comprehensive documentary of far reaching appeal and interest, not exclusively for surfing/skating enthusiasts. A sun bleached snapshot of a cultural moment, and movement. Informative and extensive.

  3. Levi Miah's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    Pure document of the kind of anarchaic expression that fades away by 30, wrapped around a legendary skateboarding narrative.

  4. Victor Gonzalez's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    Really interesting documentary. Many details that will help the viewer understand better "The Lords of Dogtown"

  5. Superfrog's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    I don't care about skateboard and ist culture all that much. But as far as traditional documentaries go this was well delivered, gave me information to think about in a field I know nothing about (and I am sure the experts would disagree with some). I must say that after Inside Job, am Impressed by sony's production of documentary (they do not exactly crop up on my screen often). Good photography and storytelling.

  6. raggiodisole's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    Yaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Duuuude, that rocked, like totally. Though for the sake of truth, these likeable guys are the real thing, not the Cali surfer parody we know and resent

  7. Katherine Lo's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    It witnessed the sport's transition into a significant sub-culture personally, socially and graphically. So so cool.

  8. Christine's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    Just a pleasure to watch. I love the fact that the film maker was one of the Z-boys, so really understands from the inside what it was like. The footage is amazing, totally addictive, and the photos are brought to life through the story telling, my favourite is Jay's mischievous little face.

  9. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    A superb skateboarding documentary, since surpassed by others that have come along in its wake (Bones Brigade remains my favourite nowadays), this provides a superb mix of archive footage, comments from those featured now all grown up, and a lively soundtrack.

  10. SiIencio's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    It starts as a forensic chronicled recollection of the dawn of a sport/ urban sub-culture unashamedly hyped up by its own so-called pioneers/trailblazers. By the end everyone is intoxicated with their own self-instilled euphoria & mystic infusions and it all starts verging on N Korean propaganda. Whether the first aerial can be pinnrd down to a particular pool/moment in history of mankind seems a laughable stretch.

  11. gaizka's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    Great story about Dogtown street guerrila

  12. nailuJC's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    The film leaves you feeling it perfectly captures this moment in time. The words are cut & backed up with gorgeous sun bleached action shots. If you come from a generation where children played outside & made whatever the environment offered their playground & arena to compete in you will identify completely with the pool light target in their first pool skating session.

  13. LordeFanBoy's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    watch it all over again. ''Jay adams died today the men who change it everything a role model not just for me for most of the dogs/rats change my friends and the ones i grew up watching skating while i was young he regret about some stuff he did but the most important thing he kept loyal to it without selling is own soul out he respected skateboarding and the others he did what he want'' That makes you the one.

  14. anarresti's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    A wonderful documental piece about the team that created modern skateboarding in California. Made with original footage, it's a great introduction to the recent history of the sport, of how it evolved from surfing, and how a group of young surfers, in the mid-70's, reinvented it. The story is quite exciting, and we do get the apeal skateboarding would have for the coming generations. What a creative wildness!

  15. lacame's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    teppistelli in una città degradata, passano dal surf allo skate e il mondo si accorge di loro: lo skateboard diventa una cosa seria e gli zboys diventano delle rockstar. c'è chi riuscirà a stare a galla barcamenandosi fra sponsor e gare, e chi non riuscirà a sopportare di vedere commercializzata la propria passione. in ogni caso sono diventati tutti delle icone. galvanizzante e malinconico. anni settanta a manetta.

  16. Roger Da Silva João's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys

    cool archive films, but very few interviews. it looks kinda superficial.

  17. Zoe Wanda Margot's rating of the film Dogtown and Z-Boys