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  1. nicolayesco's rating of the film Dogville

    Un extraño llega a dogville en busca de escondite de empresas, los ciudadanos aceptan, pero primero van a aprovecharse de ella. El ser inferior. El tener una posición privilegiada. El abuso del poder

  2. Genre films > French New Wave's rating of the film Dogville

    I don't know if I ever stopped laughing at the set but I also thought it was quite brilliant too. I expected to dislike it but I was surprised that it was actually quite good. I mean it's a little overlong and the ending dragged I thought. Loved Hurt's narration and for some reason it felt like a Wes Anderson film.

  3. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Dogville

    I was ready to quit after the first half, but that all changed when I got into the rhythm of things, but mostly when Patty Clarkson went off. I’m kidding, but it was also the moment when I kind of understood what this was becoming. Also, I’m that boy begging to be spanked by Nicole Kidman.

  4. erikdylansr's rating of the film Dogville

    'Dogville' is more proof that Lars Von Trier is one of the best directors working today.

  5. Zakhar Serdyukov's rating of the film Dogville

    What a masterpiece! Absolutely incredible ending, almost unexpected, leaving you with a heavy multitude of thoughts about morality, human nature, good and evil, crime and punishment and so on. Absolute simplicity was reached in the storytelling of this theatrical performance with a high dramaturgy skill of the author. Must watch for everyone who seeks an unusual and exquisite delight in cinematograph.

  6. Daniele Ravizza's rating of the film Dogville

    Great screenplay and brilliant idea, ruined by an unnecessary long running time, only understandable in the philosophy behind the film.

  7. Ale Sabatini's rating of the film Dogville

  8. Chris DeFalco's rating of the film Dogville

    Our Town reimagined as a parable about the failures of Christian charity, exploitation, greed, bigotry, and what supposedly lies beneath the facade of small town America. It'd be interesting if it wasn't so thin, vague, unceasingly didactic, or bereft of character or human drama. Biblical pretensions and dull provocations. Visually interesting. Would pair interestingly with James N. Kienitz Wilkins' The Republic.

  9. Marco B.'s rating of the film Dogville

  10. László Csaba's rating of the film Dogville

    No golden line between immorality and moral supremacy

  11. Dilşat's rating of the film Dogville

  12. vaerm666's rating of the film Dogville

  13. mcan543's rating of the film Dogville

  14. seakat's rating of the film Dogville

    I saw this movie more than 15 years after its premiere and I was unable to see anything beyond its curious production, it really feels like you are in a play although I think that the passing of the years has not favored it.

  15. Rafael Dutra Dumangin Paes's rating of the film Dogville

  16. Andrea Greco's rating of the film Dogville

    ★★★★★You will see it by hook or by crook

  17. I.Camera's rating of the film Dogville

    Von Trier is a director who resists consensus, and, as always, there are many reasons to love and hate Dogville. A black box theatre depiction of the rural America whose story degenerates into a misanthropic snarl, it is nevertheless played out by a tremendous cast (and featuring Nicole Kidman's best performance). With film convention stripped away, the actors take control, surpassing von Trier's post-Dogme conceits.

  18. stalker18's rating of the film Dogville

  19. Simone Berlioz's rating of the film Dogville

    Una idea original en filmar como un teatro, incluso como un lego. Pero si hay algo que no me gusta de Von Trier es que hace trama inicialmente lenta y más que lenta, sin que ocurra nada, hace que quieras apagar la pantalla y ver por otras opciones.

  20. Stéfano Mastella Corrêa's rating of the film Dogville

  21. Aditya Watts's rating of the film Dogville

    Aug'19 - Nicole is stunning. Film makes me angry. Ending went the wrong way IMO - went the predictable revenge route to assuage the audience instead of the much more interesting forgive all always route.

  22. Santiago Delgado's rating of the film Dogville

    This film uses a lot of jump cuts and the use of light is outstanding! The film also promotes inquirement about how people take advantage of anything they can, meaning that humans cannot act selflessly. I also think that the film portrays very well (through Grace's thoughts at the end) the logic by which any illegal armed group operates

  23. Leo's rating of the film Dogville

    A superb evocation of small town USA. A God-fearing people, who cautiously provide work & a home for an outsider & bravely stand against the common enemy who threatens their way of life. They know the truth when they hear it & aren't swayed by facts, logic or science. Dogville would vote Trump as he embodies their most cherished values & represents everything they aspire to. God bless America & send Grace to them!

  24. Fredunchis's rating of the film Dogville

    A fantastic mix of cinema and theater

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