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  1. Photo of Warren Beatty

    Warren Beatty Cast

  2. Photo of Goldie Hawn

    Goldie Hawn Cast

  3. Photo of Gert Fröbe

    Gert Fröbe Cast

  4. Photo of Robert Webber

    Robert Webber Cast

  5. Photo of Scott Brady

    Scott Brady Cast

  6. Photo of Arthur Brauss

    Arthur Brauss Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Stiles

    Robert Stiles Cast

  8. Photo of Wolfgang Kieling

    Wolfgang Kieling Cast

  9. Photo of Christiane Maybach

    Christiane Maybach Cast

  10. Photo of Monica Stender

    Monica Stender Cast

  11. Photo of Richard Brooks

    Richard Brooks Director and Screenplay

  12. Photo of M.J. Frankovich

    M.J. Frankovich Producer

  13. Photo of Quincy Jones

    Quincy Jones Music

  14. Photo of Petrus R. Schlömp

    Petrus R. Schlömp Cinematography

  15. Photo of George Grenville

    George Grenville Editing

  16. Photo of Bob Herron

    Bob Herron Cast

  17. Photo of Hans Hutter

    Hans Hutter Cast

  18. Photo of Horst Hesslein

    Horst Hesslein Cast

  19. Photo of Wolfgang Kuhlman

    Wolfgang Kuhlman Cast

  20. Photo of Klaus Schichan

    Klaus Schichan Cast