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  1. Photo of Takeshi Kitano

    Takeshi Kitano Director, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of Miho Kanno

    Miho Kanno Cast

  3. Photo of Hidetoshi Nishijima

    Hidetoshi Nishijima Cast

  4. Photo of Tatsuya Mihashi

    Tatsuya Mihashi Cast

  5. Photo of Chieko Matsubara

    Chieko Matsubara Cast

  6. Photo of Kyôko Fukada

    Kyôko Fukada Cast

  7. Photo of Tsutomu Takeshige

    Tsutomu Takeshige Cast

  8. Photo of Kayoko Kishimoto

    Kayoko Kishimoto Cast

  9. Photo of Kanji Tsuda

    Kanji Tsuda Cast

  10. Photo of Yûko Daike

    Yûko Daike Cast

  11. Photo of Ren Ôsugi

    Ren Ôsugi Cast

  12. Photo of Katsumi Yanagishima

    Katsumi Yanagishima Cinematography

  13. Photo of Joe Hisaishi

    Joe Hisaishi Music

  14. Photo of Norihiro Isoda

    Norihiro Isoda Production Design

  15. Photo of Masayuki Mori

    Masayuki Mori Producer

  16. Photo of Takio Yoshida

    Takio Yoshida Producer

  17. Photo of Senji Horiuchi

    Senji Horiuchi Sound

  18. Photo of Yohji Yamamoto

    Yohji Yamamoto Costume Design