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  1. Photo of Edgar Neville

    Edgar Neville Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Fernando Aguirre

    Fernando Aguirre Cast

  3. Photo of Manuel Arbó

    Manuel Arbó Cast

  4. Photo of Ildefonso Cuadrado

    Ildefonso Cuadrado Cast

  5. Photo of Fernando Fernán Gómez

    Fernando Fernán Gómez Cast

  6. Photo of Ginés Gallego

    Ginés Gallego Cast

  7. Photo of Francisco Hernández

    Francisco Hernández Cast

  8. Photo of Julia Lajos

    Julia Lajos Cast

  9. Photo of Mariana Larrabeiti

    Mariana Larrabeiti Cast

  10. Photo of Juana Mansó

    Juana Mansó Cast

  11. Photo of Guillermo Marín

    Guillermo Marín Cast

  12. Photo of Conchita Montes

    Conchita Montes Cast

  13. Photo of Manuel Requena

    Manuel Requena Cast

  14. Photo of Joaquín Roa

    Joaquín Roa Cast

  15. Photo of Alicia Romay

    Alicia Romay Cast

  16. Photo of Carlos Álvarez Segura

    Carlos Álvarez Segura Cast

  17. Photo of Henri Barreyre

    Henri Barreyre Cinematography

  18. Photo of José Muñoz Molleda

    José Muñoz Molleda Music

  19. Photo of Mariano Pombo

    Mariano Pombo Editing