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  1. Photo of Giovanni Di Clemente

    Giovanni Di Clemente Producer

  2. Photo of Bruno Ridolfi

    Bruno Ridolfi Producer

  3. Photo of Gérard Brach

    Gérard Brach Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ivana Massetti

    Ivana Massetti Screenplay and Director

  5. Photo of Tonino Nardi

    Tonino Nardi Cinematography

  6. Photo of Anna Rosa Napoli

    Anna Rosa Napoli Editing

  7. Photo of Brigitte Nielsen

    Brigitte Nielsen Cast

  8. Photo of Tomas Arana

    Tomas Arana Cast

  9. Photo of Kim Rossi Stuart

    Kim Rossi Stuart Cast

  10. Photo of Stéphane Ferrara

    Stéphane Ferrara Cast

  11. Photo of Cosimo Fusco

    Cosimo Fusco Cast

  12. Photo of Pascal Druant

    Pascal Druant Cast

  13. Photo of Cyrus Elias

    Cyrus Elias Cast

  14. Photo of Geretta Geretta

    Geretta Geretta Cast

  15. Photo of Lucien Bruchon

    Lucien Bruchon Cast

  16. Photo of David Warbeck

    David Warbeck Cast