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  1. brunomundel's rating of the film Domino

    A experimental action movie (?). The scene with Tom Waits is unforgettable.

  2. Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film Domino

    Un tentativo fallimentare da parte di Tony Scott di emulare il fratellone Ridley, che già di per sé ha le sue belle pecche. Fate voi i conti. Le classiche battute scontate da film d'azione mediocre riempiono un involucro fatto di inquadrature banali, luce piatta ed eventi prevedibili, pronto per essere spedito nella casella dei film "Vorrei ma non posso" del cinema di poco gusto.

  3. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Domino

    Unnerving in every respect.

  4. Ethan's rating of the film Domino

    This is a very underrated film from Tony Scott. Keira Knightly gives the performance of her career and I'm not even that fond of her as an actress but she is really fucking badass in this movie. This movie is incredibly badass.

  5. Sara Gaspar's rating of the film Domino

  6. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film Domino

    "peanut-butter pussy." Keira looks very hot here.

  7. Graham Ball's rating of the film Domino

    I love Keira Knightly and I just wish this film was better just for her sake... it's not terrible but it could have aspired to more.

  8.'s rating of the film Domino

    Fast paced and frenzied, Scott's storytelling leaves a little to be desired but the sleaze, the expected kinetic editing and some inspired soundtrack choices more than make up for this and it's refreshing to see Knightley cast against type too. Verdict? A blast, if frequently a murky one.

  9. Junda Mane's rating of the film Domino

    Forget the haters, I love this film.

  10. Whyte Nite's rating of the film Domino

    Glamour & then guns. The featurettes show how different the real Domino is from Knightly's version; it is a brave homage nonetheless. Kelly's vaguely surrealistic script and Scott's off-the-wall visual style are a match made in (cinema) heaven. The weakest point is Édgar Ramirez, who reluctantly plays Rourke's aide and Knightley's love interest. "Girls with guns" never looked this good.

  11. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Domino

    Tony Scott's most unfairly savaged film: the one where the style most fits the content, where the crass elements are most clearly satirical, and where the shifting interplay between reality and media make for a cheeky look at a world drowning in pop culture. Seeing it for the first time yesterday, I'm not sure why this was so hated when it came out in theaters. Then again, I had a pause button.

  12. Ryuu Baron's rating of the film Domino

  13. PROKOSCH's rating of the film Domino

    So is the consensus tipping to "pulpy, fun hit" on this one? Savaged when it came out, save for Dargis and Ebert; now it seems like there are more echoing their comments than refuting them.

  14. flobota's rating of the film Domino

    the post production intern seemed to have a lot of fun on this

  15. Filme's rating of the film Domino

    A wonderful array of flickering scenes :)

  16. Westley's rating of the film Domino

    I like to think of it as tongue-in-cheek parody of action movies/action heroes. Something of a satirical dark comedy. It's actually pretty funny. I like it.

  17. Greg S.'s rating of the film Domino

    I've been trying to figure out why I love this stupid movie as much as I do. Updates on my findings soon.

  18. The Macho King's rating of the film Domino

    Keira Knightley is the best thing about it.

  19. a Smith's rating of the film Domino

  20. Gondo's rating of the film Domino

    If Michael Bay and Kenneth Anger had a child. You know one of them little ugly ones. Domino would steal this kids lunch money just before beating it sensless.

  21. Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film Domino

    It's a rare movie that has no redeeming qualities. Domino is one such movie.

  22. Jack Hemingway's rating of the film Domino

  23. FailedImitator's rating of the film Domino

    I didn't think anyone could make a totally boring snooze-fest of a movie based on the life of such an interesting character like Domino Harvey. This man up here, he's totally proven me wrong.

  24. lau's rating of the film Domino

    i don't know why, but i love watching my favorite actresses act like dykes. i know it's not a good movie, but i still watch it every time it comes on on cable and i have nothing better to do.

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