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  1. Photo of Chandra Barot

    Chandra Barot Director

  2. Photo of Javed Akhtar

    Javed Akhtar Screenplay

  3. Photo of Salim Khan

    Salim Khan Screenplay

  4. Photo of Amitabh Bachchan

    Amitabh Bachchan Cast

  5. Photo of Zeenat Aman

    Zeenat Aman Cast

  6. Photo of Pran

    Pran Cast

  7. Photo of Iftekhar

    Iftekhar Cast

  8. Photo of Om Shivpuri

    Om Shivpuri Cast

  9. Photo of Satyendra Kapoor

    Satyendra Kapoor Cast

  10. Photo of P. Jairaj

    P. Jairaj Cast

  11. Photo of Kamal Kapoor

    Kamal Kapoor Cast

  12. Photo of Arpana Choudhary

    Arpana Choudhary Cast

  13. Photo of Helen

    Helen Cast

  14. Photo of Nariman A. Irani

    Nariman A. Irani Cinematography and Producer

  15. Photo of Anandji Veerji Shah

    Anandji Veerji Shah Music

  16. Photo of Kalyanji Veerji Shah

    Kalyanji Veerji Shah Music

  17. Photo of Sudhendu Roy

    Sudhendu Roy Production Design

  18. Photo of Wamanrao

    Wamanrao Editing

  19. Photo of G.S. Bhatia

    G.S. Bhatia Sound

  20. Photo of Ramola Bachchan

    Ramola Bachchan Costume Design

  21. Photo of V. Scharwachter

    V. Scharwachter Costume Design