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  1. Photo of Rod Holcomb

    Rod Holcomb Director

  2. Photo of Neil Russell

    Neil Russell Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Robert Roy Pool

    Robert Roy Pool Screenplay

  4. Photo of Thomas Del Ruth

    Thomas Del Ruth Cinematography

  5. Photo of Charles Bronson

    Charles Bronson Cast

  6. Photo of Bonnie Bartlett

    Bonnie Bartlett Cast

  7. Photo of Dana Delany

    Dana Delany Cast

  8. Photo of Marc Alaimo

    Marc Alaimo Cast

  9. Photo of Julianna McCarthy

    Julianna McCarthy Cast

  10. Photo of Jack Early

    Jack Early Screenplay

  11. Photo of Xander Berkeley

    Xander Berkeley Cast

  12. Photo of Jenette Goldstein

    Jenette Goldstein Cast

  13. Photo of Louis Giambalvo

    Louis Giambalvo Cast

  14. Photo of Tom Verica

    Tom Verica Cast

  15. Photo of Marian Brayton

    Marian Brayton Producer

  16. Photo of Anne Carlucci

    Anne Carlucci Producer

  17. Photo of Sylvester Levay

    Sylvester Levay Music

  18. Photo of Christopher Nelson

    Christopher Nelson Editing

  19. Photo of Richard Sherman

    Richard Sherman Production Design