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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Don't Change Hands

    Une histoire sans queue ni tête. Façon de parler. Façon de (dé)mystifier...

  2. oooooo's rating of the film Don't Change Hands

  3. José Neves's rating of the film Don't Change Hands

    DCP. Sex, thriller, camp, guns, priceless dialogues that are a cultured ironic review of the 1930s romanesque French cinema, sexualities, "le jeu" (concomitant with Rivette and much less valued, this is the contemporary filmmaker wich most enchantment found in the theater as a strategy of fluidity), decors, music, tragedy: all components of a specific variation on goods/commodity as the world's outgrowth state.

  4. francisca bacon's rating of the film Don't Change Hands

    2,5 Paraphrasing the medieval “How many angels can dance atop a pinhead?”: how vast a circus of dancers, pinups, bacchanals one has to knock up to blame French army's actions in Algeria? Perchance a garrison. "Change pas"' failure is guilty hangover, when striving in the end to sober up and regain realism, it illumines and abjures retroactively the prodigal pop arty provocation and 1001 nights lost in the demimondain