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  1. Photo of Fruit Chan

    Fruit Chan Director

  2. Photo of Brian Cox

    Brian Cox Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Hiroshi Takahashi

    Hiroshi Takahashi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hideo Nakata

    Hideo Nakata Screenplay

  5. Photo of Rachael Murphy

    Rachael Murphy Cast

  6. Photo of Reshad Strik

    Reshad Strik Cast

  7. Photo of Eli Roth

    Eli Roth Cast

  8. Photo of Elena Satine

    Elena Satine Cast

  9. Photo of Henry Thomas

    Henry Thomas Cast

  10. Photo of Shiloh Fernandez

    Shiloh Fernandez Cast

  11. Photo of Ajla Hodzic

    Ajla Hodzic Cast

  12. Photo of Kevin Corrigan

    Kevin Corrigan Cast

  13. Photo of Kyle Arche

    Kyle Arche Cast

  14. Photo of Daniela Sea

    Daniela Sea Cast

  15. Photo of Alyssa Sutherland

    Alyssa Sutherland Cast

  16. Photo of Lothaire Bluteau

    Lothaire Bluteau Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Towers

    Robert Towers Cast

  18. Photo of Carmen Chaplin

    Carmen Chaplin Cast

  19. Photo of Poon Hang-Sang

    Poon Hang-Sang Cinematography

  20. Photo of Tony Humecke

    Tony Humecke Music

  21. Photo of Marc Greville-Masson

    Marc Greville-Masson Production Design

  22. Photo of Yôko Asakura

    Yôko Asakura Producer

  23. Photo of Anant Singh

    Anant Singh Producer

  24. Photo of Philip Lee

    Philip Lee Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Chris Wright

    Chris Wright Editing