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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Don't Open Till Christmas

    Trashy and entertaining film that balances gallows humor and slasher-horror. The characters and story is not quite developed more than a simple sketch, yet it's a very quirky time. A 40 minute-point stalk scene of one of the Santas reminds one of the opening scene of Dario Argento's Tenebre in its build-up to the actual kill, yet most of the slash scenes lack suspense. All in all, this flick is a good merry prank.

  2. Joshua's rating of the film Don't Open Till Christmas

    Cut and paste. Don't Open Till Christmas clearly has bloody death scenes inserted post original tale. Troubled history obviously. This UK fluke rubs me the right way though, especially with that wax museum scene, two final (?) girls who never meet, bright bloody red death and a convoluted ending that may have lost a key component in its transition from script to film. Highly re-watchable.

  3. This is Jake Kath's rating of the film Don't Open Till Christmas

    Of all the goofy 80s slashers that I cream over, this one takes a new place in my heart for it being a christmas slasher flick with beautiful musical ques. Witty, silly, smooth. Good shit!