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  1. Photo of Michael Douglas

    Michael Douglas Cast

  2. Photo of Brittany Murphy

    Brittany Murphy Cast

  3. Photo of Famke Janssen

    Famke Janssen Cast

  4. Photo of Sean Bean

    Sean Bean Cast

  5. Photo of Jennifer Esposito

    Jennifer Esposito Cast

  6. Photo of Oliver Platt

    Oliver Platt Cast

  7. Photo of Guy Torry

    Guy Torry Cast

  8. Photo of Gary Fleder

    Gary Fleder Director

  9. Photo of Andrew Klavan

    Andrew Klavan Screenplay

  10. Photo of Anthony Peckham

    Anthony Peckham Screenplay

  11. Photo of Patrick Smith Kelly

    Patrick Smith Kelly Screenplay

  12. Photo of Bruce Berman

    Bruce Berman Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Jeffrey Downer

    Jeffrey Downer Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Anne Kopelson

    Anne Kopelson Producer

  15. Photo of Arnold Kopelson

    Arnold Kopelson Producer

  16. Photo of Arnon Milchan

    Arnon Milchan Producer

  17. Photo of Mark Isham

    Mark Isham Music

  18. Photo of Amir M. Mokri

    Amir M. Mokri Cinematography

  19. Photo of Armen Minasian

    Armen Minasian Editing

  20. Photo of William Steinkamp

    William Steinkamp Editing

  21. Photo of Nelson Coates

    Nelson Coates Production Design

  22. Photo of Skye McCole Bartusiak

    Skye McCole Bartusiak Cast

  23. Photo of Shawn Doyle

    Shawn Doyle Cast

  24. Photo of Victor Argo

    Victor Argo Cast

  25. Photo of Conrad Goode

    Conrad Goode Cast

  26. Photo of Paul Schulze

    Paul Schulze Cast

  27. Photo of Lance Reddick

    Lance Reddick Cast

  28. Photo of Aidan Devine

    Aidan Devine Cast

  29. Photo of Alex Campbell

    Alex Campbell Cast