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  1. Photo of Christian-Jaque

    Christian-Jaque Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Paul Andréota

    Paul Andréota Screenplay

  3. Photo of Henri Jeanson

    Henri Jeanson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jean Laborde

    Jean Laborde Screenplay

  5. Photo of Marina Vlady

    Marina Vlady Cast

  6. Photo of Bourvil

    Bourvil Cast

  7. Photo of Virna Lisi

    Virna Lisi Cast

  8. Photo of Pierre Brasseur

    Pierre Brasseur Cast

  9. Photo of Umberto Orsini

    Umberto Orsini Cast

  10. Photo of Mony Dalmès

    Mony Dalmès Cast

  11. Photo of Jacques Monod

    Jacques Monod Cast

  12. Photo of Jacques Mauclair

    Jacques Mauclair Cast

  13. Photo of Jean-Loup Philippe

    Jean-Loup Philippe Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Vidalin

    Robert Vidalin Cast

  15. Photo of Gilbert Gil

    Gilbert Gil Cast

  16. Photo of Daniel Lecourtois

    Daniel Lecourtois Cast

  17. Photo of Mohamed Jamoussy

    Mohamed Jamoussy Cast

  18. Photo of Hubert Noël

    Hubert Noël Cast

  19. Photo of Hubert Deschamps

    Hubert Deschamps Cast

  20. Photo of Raymond Devime

    Raymond Devime Cast

  21. Photo of Marcel Cuvelier

    Marcel Cuvelier Cast

  22. Photo of Roger Rudel

    Roger Rudel Cast

  23. Photo of Léa Gray

    Léa Gray Cast

  24. Photo of Jean-Henri Chambois

    Jean-Henri Chambois Cast

  25. Photo of José Luis de Vilallonga

    José Luis de Vilallonga Cast

  26. Photo of Frederic Pottecher

    Frederic Pottecher Cast

  27. Photo of Armand Thirard

    Armand Thirard Cinematography

  28. Photo of Georges Garvarentz

    Georges Garvarentz Music

  29. Photo of Jean Mandaroux

    Jean Mandaroux Production Design

  30. Photo of Georges Cheyko

    Georges Cheyko Producer

  31. Photo of Jacques Desagneaux

    Jacques Desagneaux Editing