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  1. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Doomed Love

  2. José Neves's rating of the film Doomed Love

    Cinematography by Manuel Costa e Silva. Reviewed yesterday and after 30 years not only remains a masterpiece as it turns to be a cinematic work of an unparalleled dimension, one of the most strenuous examples of the twentieth century art. The immense structure of the frames with the theatrical, pictorial, musical and cinematic languages reach the a level of an aesthetic perfectly righteous, of a Gesamtkunstwerk.

  3. Vasco Bação's rating of the film Doomed Love

    Masterful literary adaptation of a novel to film. The first half is breathtaking, packed with inventive filmic ideas and beautiful formal compositions. The second half reduces the fun and accentuates the film's minimalist, claustrophobic detachment. The compelling narration adds another layer of pleasure - Camilo's writing voice. Both abstract and narrative, this film is a unique treasure.

  4. Vincent T's rating of the film Doomed Love

    A very particular and wonderful approach to filming novel. The impact of some scenes is surreal. A masterpiece like no other, and not without humor.

  5. Joao Pedro Amorim's rating of the film Doomed Love

    "Meu amigo, as mulheres são como as pêras verdes: um homem apalpa-as, e, se o dedo acha duro, deixa-as, e não as come."

  6. R_D_P's rating of the film Doomed Love

    Someone must know where I can find this with English subtitles?

  7. © <',))( Astro-Tofupraxographer's rating of the film Doomed Love

    I don't know, I may just be a Philistine, as everyone I know who's seen this (and whose opinions I respect) consider this film to be a masterpiece, but I failed to see it that way. Rigidly formal, theatrical, and literary, this may represent the antithesis of what I believe in cinema. It was one of the most inhuman experiences I've had watching a film.

  8. Andrei Rus's rating of the film Doomed Love

    What a great film, with so many intriguing ideas. I think I never saw a film based on a literary source that has such a complex structure, and also seems so simple. It was not necessarily easy to watch, but who cares? I finally start to understand why Manoel de Oliveira is considered a great director by so many friends of mine (and not only by them). I need to read the novel now, to compare it with the movie.

  9. João Eça's rating of the film Doomed Love

    Masterpiece, masterpiece, masterpiece... Rewatched it today for the second time on the big screen and it has lost none of its impact. Oliveira's Doomed Love is one of the most daring films ever to be made in cinema history and probably the best portuguese film I have seen.