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  1. msmichel's rating of the film Doomsday Book

    At a time when so many genre films are derivative this film comes as a breath of fresh air. Three vignettes make up 'Doomsday Book', bookended by shorts by Yim Pil-Sung (Hansel & Gretel) with a most tasty middle by Kim Jee-Woon (Tale of Two Sisters). Tainted beef, robot enlightenment and a child's ordering of the end of the world are the starting points but each as a little more percolating under the surface.

  2. Mubiey's rating of the film Doomsday Book

  3. Omnimog's rating of the film Doomsday Book

    Enjoyable three shorts. But the stand-out is undoubtly the mid-segment, Heavenly Creature by Kim Jee-woon. May just be the finest 40 minutes of sci-fi that I have seen in my 33 years, as it was emotionally intense, deeply philosophical, and technically brilliant in every way imaginable. Wow, just wow.