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  1. Bilouaustria's rating of the film Dope

    It is full of cliches it is hard to find the film hidden behind. You see in almost every scene the commercial ideas and motives. Nope.

  2. John von Seneca's rating of the film Dope

    feel good, peppy and quick paced.

  3. Johnny Seeker's rating of the film Dope

    I don't get it!? Is this like a school project or something...

  4. caitlin.f's rating of the film Dope

    this was fun, though unpolished. malcolm's personal essay made the film for me.

  5. AnnalieseVevo's rating of the film Dope

    i literally do not care that this movie was objectively messy the soundtrack was 2 good and i am 2 much of an oreo to not give it at least 4 stars

  6. poorlycurated's rating of the film Dope

    this is what a teen movie should be

  7. hasnakarlina's rating of the film Dope

    i didnt know what i expect but this is beyond my expectation

  8. Mark O. Stack's rating of the film Dope

    Last act goes off the rails after an inspiring display of authorial voice.

  9. smndvdcl's rating of the film Dope

    A$AP Rocky can sure act. The hip-hop themed rites-of-passage geek equivalent of 'Me and Earl...'. Not bad at all.

  10. Waxamillion's rating of the film Dope

    Dope feels like a bit of a watered down early Guy Ritchie film like Lock Stock, but it is still pretty good. What it lacks is the real tension that Guy Ritchie brought to those early films. The colour is gorgeous and Shameik Moore is a great lead. Just wish it pushed a little harder.

  11. lostlevel's rating of the film Dope

    Very much on point commentary with truisms and some fun. Unlike 'Boyz n the Hood' this doesn't feel like an after school special.

  12. Ethan's rating of the film Dope

    This was a really great film. It has the feel of a Wes Anderson film and it is engaging until the very end. In a cast full of relatively unknowns these actors have great presence and they bring this exceptional film to life.

  13. Maja Brugoš's rating of the film Dope

    A fun ride with great pacing and a throwback soundtrack, this coming of age film was both funny and subversive. Addressing racial and economic injustice via a group of outsiders in a rough part of LA, this film made me laugh and made me think. As such, I found myself not caring about some of the more predictable tropes due to the likability of the characters and my desire to see them rise above. 3.5 stars

  14. Joyion's rating of the film Dope

    A fairly clever and funny teenage movie from the perspective of a modern/Millennials and/or slightly hipster black youth growing up inglewood. It has the essence of the 90s movie, The Wood, but with a little more social commentary and set in the late 2000s. It's pretty dope.

  15. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Dope

  16. Aardsy's rating of the film Dope

    A bit of a mess, but energetic and fun.

  17. Sara Gaspar's rating of the film Dope

  18. Aaron Dillenbeck's rating of the film Dope

    Alot better than expected! Soundtrack was supurb. Editing was fun to watch and really set a great pace for the movie. Highly recommended!

  19.'s rating of the film Dope

    Dope beginnt mit einer Definition von Satire und wie sie misslingt. Das ist ungewöhnlich, normalerweise erleben wir die Bemühung um Satire, die dann filmisch nie eingelöst wird... mehr auf

  20. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film Dope

    Drop a trio of nerdy '90s enthusiasts into the Darwinian streets of Inglewood and you get Dope. Malcolm's character arc was particularly interesting, as you watch him go down his own slippery slope (as mentioned in the film) and turn into the very thing he's wanted to get away from all his life, for the sole purpose of getting away from it. The Harvard application at the end was unnecessary and out of place though.

  21. ionosonde's rating of the film Dope

    nothing really stands out, but it does a lot of things well. has pretty good politics with regards to race, misses the mark in a few other areas (i.e. as another reviewer said, lily exists only to be humiliated).

  22. film_lies101's rating of the film Dope

    Don't get wrong, there is some funny shit in here. The knocks against Macklemore and Will Smith had me rollin'. The PSA tacked on at the end came out of nowhere. Spent the entire running time trying break away from certain stereotypes (only the leads by the way) whilst at the same time, reinforcing others. Shout out to my man Vince Staples!

  23. saptarshi's rating of the film Dope

    pretty dope for a high budget psa

  24. The Mayor Of Hell's rating of the film Dope

    Killer soundtrack. I'm a sucker for coming of age flicks. Since it was trying to show the alternative to the black gangsta drug movie it's A shame it had to revert to a drug selling plot, admittedly fun drug selling plot but still . Great debut by leading star.