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  1. Photo of Bruce Beresford

    Bruce Beresford Director

  2. Photo of David Weisberg

    David Weisberg Screenplay

  3. Photo of Douglas S. Cook

    Douglas S. Cook Screenplay

  4. Photo of Leonard Goldberg

    Leonard Goldberg Producer

  5. Photo of Normand Corbeil

    Normand Corbeil Music

  6. Photo of Peter James

    Peter James Cinematography

  7. Photo of Mark Warner

    Mark Warner Editing

  8. Photo of Howard Cummings

    Howard Cummings Production Design

  9. Photo of Ashley Judd

    Ashley Judd Cast

  10. Photo of Tommy Lee Jones

    Tommy Lee Jones Cast

  11. Photo of Bruce Greenwood

    Bruce Greenwood Cast

  12. Photo of Annabeth Gish

    Annabeth Gish Cast

  13. Photo of Roma Maffia

    Roma Maffia Cast

  14. Photo of Jay Brazeau

    Jay Brazeau Cast

  15. Photo of Davenia McFadden

    Davenia McFadden Cast

  16. Photo of Gillian Barber

    Gillian Barber Cast

  17. Photo of Benjamin Weir

    Benjamin Weir Cast

  18. Photo of Spencer Treat Clark

    Spencer Treat Clark Cast

  19. Photo of Michael Gaston

    Michael Gaston Cast

  20. Photo of Gabrielle Rose

    Gabrielle Rose Cast

  21. Photo of Daniel Lapaine

    Daniel Lapaine Cast

  22. Photo of Tracy Vilar

    Tracy Vilar Cast