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  1. Dave Muñoz Velasco's rating of the film Double Take

    Using the Hitchcockian term “MacGuffin“, a fictionalized tale of the Master of Suspense himself encountering with a double and footage from the beginning of the Cold War: this interesting documentary reflects upon communism, television and how history repeats itself. Reflective without being too pretentious. It exposes its ideas so that you join them like a puzzle.

  2. Francisco Ortega's rating of the film Double Take

    Impresionante film que combina imágenes de archivo con una envolvente banda sonora para conseguir intrigar con una trama que no llega a serlo del todo y que hipnotiza.

  3. Cosma's rating of the film Double Take

    Maybe too long and yet intriging and mesmerising. You can easily fall asleep halfway waking up trapped in an endless loop.//Forse troppo lungo ma misterioso e ipnotico. Puoi tranquillamente addormentarti a metà e risvegliarti intrappolato in un vortice senza fine.

  4. alnsferraz's rating of the film Double Take

    #nós #cultura #cinema #mubi #doubletake #johangrimonprez #alfredhitchcock #thebirds #simbolismo #metáforas #política #consumismo #progresso #natureza #esgotamento #guerrafria #urss #comunismo

  5. DrFirestone's rating of the film Double Take

    An intriguing fusion of the Cold War, a crime story "featuring" Alfred Hitchcock and his double, old advertisements, politics, and a couple of other bits here and there - the result is surprisingly pleasing. The narration connects all the odd elements of the mix in a quite seamless way and nicely fits into the "Hitchcockian" realm. It's a surreal mystery...

  6. Renightz's rating of the film Double Take

    What if History, specially the Cold War-era, was a movie directed by Sir Alfred Hitchcock? Well, that’s precisally what Double Take seems to be. However, Johan Grimonprez’s film about dopplegangers based on a Jorge Luis Borge’s essay is much more than that: it’s a playful cinematic examination of time, history, memory, ideology and, of course, Alfred Hitchcock. A wonder.

  7. Rui's rating of the film Double Take

    Brilliantly executed juxtaposition of the cold war and Hitchcock himself caught in a suspense thriller. Very enjoyable.

  8. The Accidental Film Club (Paul)'s rating of the film Double Take

    If this film were half as clever as it thinks it is, it'd be mind-blowing. My mind remains resolutely unblown but it was pretty clever, and it was pretty engaging. And it is always good to see Hitchcock doing his Hitchcocky thing.

  9. Jason's rating of the film Double Take

    DOUBLE TAKE is more hybrid film than documentary proper, essentially a modulated assemblage that feels felt into existence. Impressionistic in that sense and also funny-poetic. Convergences and associations are often opaque or just plain strange or resistant of traditional hard-and-fast sense-making. Grimonprez has been down this road before. He is the next great found footage artist after Craig Baldwin.

  10. captainfez's rating of the film Double Take

    If I meet my double, I'll tell him not to watch this.

  11. dreamseed's rating of the film Double Take

    An ode to the unsolved crimes that shall always fascinate the world, every crime story recalled like a love story, as the voice over says...the glamour, the suspense, the frenzy of action that ride cleanly over the tragedy; a world in thrall of its own crafty narratives; the world’s domestic crimes of passion, the associations multiply...politics and philosophy meet in the genre of the murder mystery

  12. Paul Rot's rating of the film Double Take

    We all want to see more of Johan Grimonprez very very very soon.

  13. msmichel's rating of the film Double Take

    Director Grimonprez and scripter Tom McCarthy have crafted a lovely puzzle box of a film using archival footage splicing together the cold war, Alfred Hitchcock, old Folgers commercials and more into a clever narrative. For the film and history buff a delight if one can keep one's tongue firmly in cheek.

  14. xrystyna's rating of the film Double Take

    the cold war storyline surely was impressive, but all in all this film tried to tell us too much

  15. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Double Take

    Grimonprez and McCarthy are a couple of very knowing characters, so it's no surprise that they made such a knowing film together. Still, as amusing and clever as their cold war critique/pastiche/piss-take consistently is, it nevertheless feels a bit forced and faded, as dated in its way as the Folgers ads it recurringly mocks. Not quite fresh-perked, this cuppa postmodernism.

  16. Weston Campbell's rating of the film Double Take

    Unique exploration of cold-war politics using the rich field of Hitchcockology as a template.

  17. Noah Lethbridge's rating of the film Double Take

    Really crafty and smart. I wish there was more of the double.

  18. El Biffo's rating of the film Double Take

    "If I could just make a decent cup of coffee, I could relax". Any film featuring Laika, the cosmonaut dog, gets at least 3.8 stars from me. 3.8 stars!

  19. forksclovetofu's rating of the film Double Take

    Barely narrative but still engaging, this deft and subtle bit of collage blends historical footage of the cold war, space race and Cuban missile crisis with Hitchcock's The Birds, television shows and advertisements, a pseudo-interpolated Borges short story and a credit roll that rapidly struggles to suggest little has changed since Sputnik went up. Utterly timely but a bit difficult and only moderately rewarding.

  20. mjgildea's rating of the film Double Take

    I'm not exactly sure what the hell was supposed to be going on here but once I was no longer disoriented I kind of enjoyed it. Double Take definitely got an emotional reaction out of me (ganking the score from Psycho did most of the work) and by the end I didn't mind any of the nonsense along the way.

  21. Mimzilla's rating of the film Double Take

    "They say if you meet your double... you must kill him."

  22. Bill Arceneaux's rating of the film Double Take

    If only I could make a decent cup of coffee...

  23. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Double Take

    Grimonprez' meta-doc has prelingerian mood. There's also a bit of Paul Virilio - e.g. media and war, the discussion on what matters more, space exploration or television (obviously, television: => as we all know popular culture killed Communism in the Eastern block). Good stuff.

  24. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Double Take

    It gets off to an uneasy start, trying to interweave conventions of the archival documentary with post-modern pontificating. But eventually does coalesce into a very engrossing experimental work, though some elements are more compelling than others. Flawed, but fascinating.

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