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  1. Photo of Charles Swenson

    Charles Swenson Director, Animation Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mark Volman

    Mark Volman Screenplay, Voice Music

  3. Photo of Robert Ridgely

    Robert Ridgely Screenplay and Voice

  4. Photo of Cynthia Adler

    Cynthia Adler Voice

  5. Photo of Walker Edmiston

    Walker Edmiston Voice

  6. Photo of Joëlle Le Quément

    Joëlle Le Quément Voice

  7. Photo of Lurene Tuttle

    Lurene Tuttle Voice

  8. Photo of Aynsley Dunbar

    Aynsley Dunbar Voice

  9. Photo of Howard Kaylan

    Howard Kaylan Music, Voice Screenplay

  10. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Producer

  11. Photo of Jerry D. Good

    Jerry D. Good Producer and Voice