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  1. Photo of Alexander Hall

    Alexander Hall Director

  2. Photo of Edwin Blum

    Edwin Blum Screenplay

  3. Photo of Harry Segall

    Harry Segall Screenplay

  4. Photo of Don Hartman

    Don Hartman Producer and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Rudolph Maté

    Rudolph Maté Cinematography

  6. Photo of Viola Lawrence

    Viola Lawrence Editing

  7. Photo of Rudolph Sternad

    Rudolph Sternad Production Design

  8. Photo of Stephen Goosson

    Stephen Goosson Production Design

  9. Photo of Rita Hayworth

    Rita Hayworth Cast

  10. Photo of Larry Parks

    Larry Parks Cast

  11. Photo of Marc Platt

    Marc Platt Cast

  12. Photo of Roland Culver

    Roland Culver Cast

  13. Photo of James Gleason

    James Gleason Cast

  14. Photo of Edward Everett Horton

    Edward Everett Horton Cast

  15. Photo of Adele Jergens

    Adele Jergens Cast

  16. Photo of George Macready

    George Macready Cast

  17. Photo of William Frawley

    William Frawley Cast

  18. Photo of Jean Willes

    Jean Willes Cast

  19. Photo of Kathleen O'Malley

    Kathleen O'Malley Cast

  20. Photo of William Haade

    William Haade Cast

  21. Photo of James Burke

    James Burke Cast

  22. Photo of Dorothy Hart

    Dorothy Hart Cast