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  1. Photo of Michael Ritchie

    Michael Ritchie Director

  2. Photo of Richard Gregson

    Richard Gregson Producer

  3. Photo of James Salter

    James Salter Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kenyon Hopkins

    Kenyon Hopkins Music

  5. Photo of Brian Probyn

    Brian Probyn Cinematography

  6. Photo of Tony Busbridge

    Tony Busbridge Cinematography

  7. Photo of Alan Hewison

    Alan Hewison Cinematography

  8. Photo of Arthur Wooster

    Arthur Wooster Cinematography

  9. Photo of Jean-Paul Janssen

    Jean-Paul Janssen Cinematography

  10. Photo of Jean-Pierre Janssen

    Jean-Pierre Janssen Cinematography

  11. Photo of Joe Jay Jalbert

    Joe Jay Jalbert Cinematography

  12. Photo of Austin Parkinson

    Austin Parkinson Cinematography

  13. Photo of Michael Temple

    Michael Temple Cinematography

  14. Photo of Richard Harris

    Richard Harris Editing

  15. Photo of Robert Redford

    Robert Redford Cast

  16. Photo of Gene Hackman

    Gene Hackman Cast

  17. Photo of Camilla Sparv

    Camilla Sparv Cast

  18. Photo of Karl Michael Vogler

    Karl Michael Vogler Cast

  19. Photo of Jim McMullan

    Jim McMullan Cast

  20. Photo of Kathleen Crowley

    Kathleen Crowley Cast

  21. Photo of Dabney Coleman

    Dabney Coleman Cast

  22. Photo of Kenneth Kirk

    Kenneth Kirk Cast

  23. Photo of Oakley Hall

    Oakley Hall Screenplay

  24. Photo of Oren Stevens

    Oren Stevens Cast

  25. Photo of Jerry Dexter

    Jerry Dexter Cast

  26. Photo of Walter Stroud

    Walter Stroud Cast

  27. Photo of Carole Carle

    Carole Carle Cast

  28. Photo of Rip McManus

    Rip McManus Cast

  29. Photo of Natalie Wood

    Natalie Wood Cast