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  1. Carolina Frade's rating of the film Downhill Racer

  2. Z's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    I guess this film garnered it's reputation due to matinee idol Redford playing a self-absorbed asshole. I am sure the skiing sequences were probably a lot more thrilling to watch in the theater than they were on home video. Hackman was good, but he always is. I can't say this film left much of an impression. Another one of those supposed Redford classics that I was underwhelmed by. Felt mediocre to me.

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    Une première oeuvre fort prometteuse, pas toujours suivie d'effets...

  4. Muraki's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    fashionable american new wave movie!

  5. Calista's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    A little slow in pace but well shot, particularly the skiing sequences. Convincing central performances from Redford and Hackman.

  6. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    Absolutely gripping, and I have zero interest in skiing. The action sequences are pure adrenalin, cleverly stripping the experience down to the skier POV, made all the more intense by restricting the sound to breathing and the different tones of ski on snow. Redford and Hackman are excellent, and Ritchie's direction shows subtlety, intelligence and imagination.

  7. Levi Miah's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    Intimite telephoto close-ups draw you into this stylish and slickly dressed sports drama. Redford is cooler than the icy slopes and delves deep into the ego that drives us to pursue passion and succeed at being the greatest at whatever cost. Brace yourself for the mesmerisingly tense POV shot of Chappellet's first ski. "What's there to understand? I'm here because I ski and I ski fast - that's all there is to it."

  8. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    Great character study - I would imagine that many sports stars are as egotistical and ruthless as Redford in this film, which provides an alternative to the usual Hollywood sports fare. I'm not even sure if I wanted him to win come the final set piece... Liked the faux documentary style of the skiing sequences.

  9. Raymond Likes Subtitles's rating of the film Downhill Racer

  10. Chris sutton's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    They spare us the bombastic schmaltz of lesser sports films, instead opting for a more subtle, documentary-style approach; the restraint is also dowm to the' lead performance of Hackman and Redford. Also noticeable is its abrupt editing and impressive POV cinematography. Mildly engaging in the "action" sequences there wasn't much else for this film to offer and i was mostly restless - bored even - throughout..

  11. P Teddy Sawyer's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    More Ferrania than Kodak, More Leica than Nizo, More Porsche than Citroen, More Cossak than Brylcreem, More Crisp than Cool, Cutting edge Knitwear, Peripheral Vision, and a rare brief, poignant, sensitive expression glimpsed passing over Gene Hackman's face.

  12. RhysB's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    Gene Hackman, Robert Redford and Skiing. Great. I also recommend the Heroes of Telemark as a double bill to watch before going away for your winter holidays.

  13. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    This is TV movie quality at best and it looks like it was edited with a spoon. It just seems to meander without any point. This movie is the reason we have Sundance.

  14. Aardsy's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    Oh, to be that stubborn and cute.

  15. SpacePirate's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    This movie is all about the great cinematography and editing. Extra star added for these aspects, otherwise it's just another "cocky loner guy becomes a team player at the end" story. Acting is fine throughout. 4 stars, 3 for the story, 1 for the great camerawork

  16. Genre films > French New Wave's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    Absolutely refuses to be a conventional sports movie and the documentary style is quite effective. Although they are both strengths of the movie and what make it stand out; occasionally serve as the film's weakness in terms of not having much focus. The amount of conflict is minimal and I feel like I really didn't learn anything about skiing but the skiing sequences are quite exciting and thrilling.

  17. Josh Tierney's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    Watch it for the incredible editing. Downhill Racer is filled with clever and brilliant cuts, right down to the sudden ending.

  18. Dzimas's rating of the film Downhill Racer

    It was a fascinating movie and while it was ostensibly a human drama, I couldn't help but detect a certain amount of wish fulfillment, as the US had yet to win a gold medal in Olympic alpine ski events. Bill Johnson became the "downhill racer" in 1984.