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  1. Richard Tines's rating of the film Downriver

    A semi-subtle and ambiguous film shot through with scenes of cold sex and brutal violence, but also some warm interpersonal connections...the filmaking can be interesting at times, as the scenes can bleed and blur into one another. Digs into the causes and effects and influences that make us do the things we do, in this morally grey (in the case of this movie, dark grey) world...might check it out again sometime

  2. Nick Potter's rating of the film Downriver

    Dreadful mood, somber tone, fascinating directorial debut. Not exactly easy to watch, and I'm not entirely sure where I really rest on this film as a whole, but that's not always a bad thing.

  3. Loz Loory's rating of the film Downriver

    Great sound design. Great performances, especially from the lead. Pretty gritty plot, but worthwhile in its exploration of the pitfalls of charging and imprisoning children for crimes. Thought the character of the evil blackmailer was well-written. Hitchcock would be jealous. Nice summation of post-prison existence by the mother's boyfriend.

  4. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Downriver

    (3.5 stars) Pretty solid debut film. A well-paced mystery that kind of unwraps itself slowly. Well shot, with a very cool sound design that adds a LOT to the film. Great performances throughout the movie. There were too many extraneous storylines and characters, but overall, it's a unique and understated thriller.

  5. Erick Gonzalez's rating of the film Downriver

    This movie was characterized as a drama genre, none the less it's definitely a drama. This had some extra genre's flowing through it, with its intriguing mystery fueled thriller like feeling. The protagonist James visits the people from his past, searching for the body of a boy he killed in his youth down the river. Most of great material in my opinion was buried under the delivery and forceful confrontation .

  6. Kevin's rating of the film Downriver

    Scores of movies show gayness; the main story, the story of one character, or part of a movie. Downriver is violent. The hazards relentless, the violence whether actual or potential or historical or approaching or just happened is omnipresent, the movie sometimes hard to watch, even with Kerry Fox. The violence evokes a negative visceral, the film on its terms a success.

  7. Wyatt69's rating of the film Downriver

    I appreciated the complexity of the characters There was a lot of unnecessary licentiousness that did not seem to contribute to the story. Furthermore, the story lacked an actual resolution. I am beginning to wonder if these foreign directors are too lazy to put any effort into a conclusion or what. That's traditionally the whole point of putting together any piece of art, but what do I know.

  8. DSpaceNine's rating of the film Downriver

    A seat of your pants thriller that unfolds slowly and methodically, interspersed with needless HBO-esque gratuitous sex scenes. The story didn't need those to shine and it cut my rating down, unfortunately.

  9. Semaj Hatcher's rating of the film Downriver

    This movie is far by the best thriller that i have ever laid eyes on. Mysterious actions keep you wondering all within the film and there is never a dull moment. This film setting in undeniably intriguing, he way the story is being to;d could be classified as muddy and patchy because you never fully understand anything thats going on. I will say that i feel as if the main theme of the film is cliche and a common one.

  10. dotvom's rating of the film Downriver

    Beautiful cinematography and a desire to find answers to the questions formed as the plot unfolds were the only things that made this film worth watching. It was rather slow moving and there wasn't much background given on the characters. There were moments of confusion on what was going on, but the mystery was curious and kept just enough interest.

  11. NovaCayne's rating of the film Downriver

    The film is a very dramatic movie, which has been done and worn out a lot over the years. It had some good moments, but all in all, didn't suit my fancy all that much. The character development was a little underwhelming.

  12. Emilio Ferrari's rating of the film Downriver

  13. Vivec's rating of the film Downriver

    It is as if this film never started. It is a fumbling, awkward thriller gratuitously sprinkled with sex. Some of the nature shots are gorgeous though and the director knew it too, which the viewer is aware of.

  14. astygianelysium's rating of the film Downriver

    too often the writing feels contrived, as though it were written to move the plot or advance a motive. the thriller plot stuck fairly close to its genre conventions, and it works very simply, though never feels innovative. what I loved were the films' representations of different varieties of queer experience, which were well observed, e.g. desire which lashes out and retreats; tenderness broken by paranoia.