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  1. Photo of Teddy Chan

    Teddy Chan Director

  2. Photo of Chan Shek-Hong

    Chan Shek-Hong Producer

  3. Photo of Zhi Feng Feng

    Zhi Feng Feng Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jingle Ma

    Jingle Ma Screenplay

  5. Photo of Poon Yuen-leung

    Poon Yuen-leung Screenplay

  6. Photo of Roy Szeto

    Roy Szeto Screenplay

  7. Photo of Bu Qi Ye

    Bu Qi Ye Screenplay

  8. Photo of Cheung Man Po

    Cheung Man Po Cinematography

  9. Photo of Jordan Chan

    Jordan Chan Cast

  10. Photo of Choi Yip-Shun

    Choi Yip-Shun Cast

  11. Photo of Alex Fong

    Alex Fong Cast

  12. Photo of Kai Tung Ho

    Kai Tung Ho Cast

  13. Photo of Chris Hunt

    Chris Hunt Cast

  14. Photo of Takeshi Kaneshiro

    Takeshi Kaneshiro Cast

  15. Photo of Turbo Kong

    Turbo Kong Cast

  16. Photo of Edward Laskey

    Edward Laskey Cast

  17. Photo of Theresa Lee

    Theresa Lee Cast

  18. Photo of Ken Wong

    Ken Wong Cast

  19. Photo of Wong Ngai-Chi

    Wong Ngai-Chi Cast

  20. Photo of Charlie Yeung

    Charlie Yeung Cast

  21. Photo of Cheung Ka-Fai

    Cheung Ka-Fai Editing

  22. Photo of Kwong Chi-Leung

    Kwong Chi-Leung Editing

  23. Photo of Eddie Ma

    Eddie Ma Production Design

  24. Photo of Kenneth Mak

    Kenneth Mak Production Design

  25. Photo of Peter Kam

    Peter Kam Music

  26. Photo of Dora Ng

    Dora Ng Costume Design