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  1. Photo of Eddie Murphy

    Eddie Murphy Cast

  2. Photo of Oliver Platt

    Oliver Platt Cast

  3. Photo of Ossie Davis

    Ossie Davis Cast

  4. Photo of Norm MacDonald

    Norm MacDonald Cast

  5. Photo of Peter Boyle

    Peter Boyle Cast

  6. Photo of Richard Schiff

    Richard Schiff Cast

  7. Photo of Kristen Wilson

    Kristen Wilson Cast

  8. Photo of Jeffrey Tambor

    Jeffrey Tambor Cast

  9. Photo of Kyla Pratt

    Kyla Pratt Cast

  10. Photo of Raven-Symoné

    Raven-Symoné Cast

  11. Photo of Albert Brooks

    Albert Brooks Cast

  12. Photo of Chris Rock

    Chris Rock Cast

  13. Photo of John Leguizamo

    John Leguizamo Cast

  14. Photo of Julie Kavner

    Julie Kavner Cast

  15. Photo of Ellen DeGeneres

    Ellen DeGeneres Cast

  16. Photo of Garry Shandling

    Garry Shandling Cast

  17. Photo of Brian Doyle-Murray

    Brian Doyle-Murray Cast

  18. Photo of Gilbert Gottfried

    Gilbert Gottfried Cast

  19. Photo of Jenna Elfman

    Jenna Elfman Cast

  20. Photo of Paul Reubens

    Paul Reubens Cast

  21. Photo of Betty Thomas

    Betty Thomas Director

  22. Photo of Hugh Lofting

    Hugh Lofting Screenplay

  23. Photo of Nat Mauldin

    Nat Mauldin Screenplay

  24. Photo of Larry Levin

    Larry Levin Screenplay

  25. Photo of John Davis

    John Davis Producer

  26. Photo of David T. Friendly

    David T. Friendly Producer

  27. Photo of Joseph Singer

    Joseph Singer Director

  28. Photo of Richard Gibbs

    Richard Gibbs Music

  29. Photo of Russell Boyd

    Russell Boyd Cinematography

  30. Photo of Peter Teschner

    Peter Teschner Editing

  31. Photo of William A. Elliott

    William A. Elliott Production Design