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  1. Photo of Charles B. Griffith

    Charles B. Griffith Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Oliver Reed

    Oliver Reed Cast

  4. Photo of Sunny Johnson

    Sunny Johnson Cast

  5. Photo of Maia Danziger

    Maia Danziger Cast

  6. Photo of Virgil Frye

    Virgil Frye Cast

  7. Photo of Mel Welles

    Mel Welles Cast

  8. Photo of Jackie Coogan

    Jackie Coogan Cast

  9. Photo of Corinne Calvet

    Corinne Calvet Cast

  10. Photo of Sharon Compton

    Sharon Compton Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Howerton

    Charles Howerton Cast

  12. Photo of Dick Miller

    Dick Miller Cast

  13. Photo of Lucretia Love

    Lucretia Love Cast

  14. Photo of Ben Frommer

    Ben Frommer Cast

  15. Photo of Mickey Fox

    Mickey Fox Cast

  16. Photo of Tony Cox

    Tony Cox Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Primes

    Robert Primes Cinematography

  18. Photo of Richard Band

    Richard Band Music

  19. Photo of Max Mendes

    Max Mendes Production Design

  20. Photo of Yoram Globus

    Yoram Globus Producer

  21. Photo of Menahem Golan

    Menahem Golan Producer

  22. Photo of Jill Griffith

    Jill Griffith Producer

  23. Photo of Skip Schoolnik

    Skip Schoolnik Editing

  24. Photo of Thierry J. Couturier

    Thierry J. Couturier Editing

  25. Photo of Sarah Legon

    Sarah Legon Editing

  26. Photo of Richard L. Anderson

    Richard L. Anderson Sound

  27. Photo of Stephen Hunter Flick

    Stephen Hunter Flick Sound

  28. Photo of Bonnie Koehler

    Bonnie Koehler Sound

  29. Photo of Bob Ziembicki

    Bob Ziembicki Art Department

  30. Photo of John Carl Buechler

    John Carl Buechler Special Effects

  31. Photo of Tim Doughten

    Tim Doughten Special Effects