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  1.'s rating of the film Dr. Ketel

    Ein Neuköllner Science Fiction Film, angesiedelt in der nahen Zukunft. Dr. Ketel ist ein hünenhafter Mann, der nachts unterwegs ist, um Patienten umsonst zu behandeln... die ganze Review und die besten Filme aus Neukölln findest du auf der Webpage unserer Videothek

  2. riraru's rating of the film Dr. Ketel

    Ich mag die zeitlose Optik und die ersten beiden Kapitel der Geschichte sehr (das Finalkapitel ist mir zu konstruiert) – eine Stimmung wie in einem der großen Berlin-Krimis der 30er. Louise, Dr. Wissmann und Ercan sind überzeugend gespielt, die anderen Hauptrollen sind aber unangenehm hölzern dargestellt.

  3. Frank Wingold's rating of the film Dr. Ketel

    Ungewöhnlich und ehrlich, I like it!

  4. bastos's rating of the film Dr. Ketel

    Nearly 4* but dialogues in the first part do not fit Tod the mood

  5. p5k's rating of the film Dr. Ketel

    Interessante Art die Geschichte zu erzählen. Kamera und Schnitt waren besonders auffallend und wirklich gut gemacht.

  6. Alexa M's rating of the film Dr. Ketel

    The storytelling is too predictable and in the team obviously everyone needs their own stage: the DoP tells with film noir pictures a story of a director, who is not sure what the juice of the story is and who fills it with a face and a star (Plummer). And the editor couldn't kill his darlings. Bad timing, lost time. Sorry!

  7. klofter's rating of the film Dr. Ketel

    An ambitious first feature that devolves into a mess. Between the timidly envisioned distopian future, the Fritz Lang references, and the lazy "do what your heart tells you, not what society dictates" morality play, the film looses its core and hopelessly drifts about until a hugely unsatisfying ending. Amanda Plummer seems as mystified about the whole thing as I was. Still an interesting failure worth seeing.

  8. Achim Grün's rating of the film Dr. Ketel

    Gripping and heart warming plot plus a refreshingly unusual soundtrack. But what made this a really special movie for me is the best camera work I have seen in a long while. Every shot looks well thought through. Switching between high key and low key photography in the scene with the slide projector was just a brilliant idea!

  9. flobota's rating of the film Dr. Ketel

    A great idea and premise turns into something weird and unnecessary.