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  1. Photo of Samuel Z. Arkoff

    Samuel Z. Arkoff Executive Producer

  2. Photo of James H. Nicholson

    James H. Nicholson Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Louis M. Heyward

    Louis M. Heyward Producer

  4. Photo of Robert Fuest

    Robert Fuest Screenplay and Director

  5. Photo of Alex Thomson

    Alex Thomson Cinematography

  6. Photo of Vincent Price

    Vincent Price Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Quarry

    Robert Quarry Cast

  8. Photo of Valli Kemp

    Valli Kemp Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Jeffrey

    Peter Jeffrey Cast

  10. Photo of Fiona Lewis

    Fiona Lewis Cast

  11. Photo of Hugh Griffith

    Hugh Griffith Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Cushing

    Peter Cushing Cast

  13. Photo of Beryl Reid

    Beryl Reid Cast

  14. Photo of Terry-Thomas

    Terry-Thomas Cast

  15. Photo of John Cater

    John Cater Cast

  16. Photo of Gerald Sim

    Gerald Sim Cast

  17. Photo of Lewis Fiander

    Lewis Fiander Cast

  18. Photo of John Thaw

    John Thaw Cast

  19. Photo of Keith Buckley

    Keith Buckley Cast

  20. Photo of Milton Reid

    Milton Reid Cast

  21. Photo of Caroline Munro

    Caroline Munro Cast

  22. Photo of Gary Owens

    Gary Owens Cast

  23. Photo of Tristam Cones

    Tristam Cones Editing

  24. Photo of Brian Eatwell

    Brian Eatwell Production Design

  25. Photo of John Gale

    John Gale Music

  26. Photo of The Bach Singers

    The Bach Singers Music

  27. Photo of Les Hammond

    Les Hammond Sound

  28. Photo of Ivy Baker

    Ivy Baker Costume Design

  29. Photo of Brian Cox

    Brian Cox Costume Design