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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Drácula

    Film technically is the Spanish version of "Dracula" filmed at the same time and sets as the Hollywood version superior to the American one. It has better photography, is sexier, has greater detail and give the scenes better time to grow, but the Spanish actor playing Dracula lacks charm and can not even reach Bela Lugosi to his knees which is the reason why this movie usually get overlooked. Which is a shame.

  2. kit duckworth's rating of the film Drácula

    lupita tovar > helen chandler. feral rather than sedate

  3. Spencer Draper's rating of the film Drácula

    Actually inferior to the Browning film. Technically it is superior, and it is very Expressionistic. However it goes on much too long and the Count is laughable. Wears out its welcome and has none of the charm or presence of the Browning film.

  4. Roscoe's rating of the film Drácula

    Frankly rather silly. Carlos Villarias as Dracula is not able to summon anywhere near the same level of menace, authority and dignity that Lugosi is able to conjure so memorably. Villarias comes off like some parody version of the character, baring his teeth and slinking around -- he's just got no class at all, and his big showdown with Dr. Van Helsing is just embarassing. Forgettable.

  5. Fuzzbucket's rating of the film Drácula

    Even better than the Amreican version. Lugosi is still Dracula though.

  6. T.J. Royal's rating of the film Drácula

    I'd watch this one ahead of the Lugosi version four times out of five. And this one had a crazier Renfield to boot! "Una mosca!!...."

  7. gojira's rating of the film Drácula

    While Bela Lugosi owned the role of Dracula, this version is superior both technically and artistically.