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  1. Photo of Lucio Fulci

    Lucio Fulci Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Bruno Corbucci

    Bruno Corbucci Screenplay

  3. Photo of Pupi Avati

    Pupi Avati Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mario Amendola

    Mario Amendola Screenplay

  5. Photo of Enzo Jannacci

    Enzo Jannacci Screenplay

  6. Photo of Rossano Brazzi

    Rossano Brazzi Cast

  7. Photo of Valentina Cortese

    Valentina Cortese Cast

  8. Photo of Sylva Koscina

    Sylva Koscina Cast

  9. Photo of Lando Buzzanca

    Lando Buzzanca Cast

  10. Photo of Moira Orfei

    Moira Orfei Cast

  11. Photo of Ilona Staller

    Ilona Staller Cast

  12. Photo of Ugo Fangareggi

    Ugo Fangareggi Cast

  13. Photo of Ciccio Ingrassia

    Ciccio Ingrassia Cast

  14. Photo of John Steiner

    John Steiner Cast

  15. Photo of Francesca Romana Coluzzi

    Francesca Romana Coluzzi Cast

  16. Photo of Christa Linder

    Christa Linder Cast

  17. Photo of Franco Nebbia

    Franco Nebbia Cast

  18. Photo of Carlo Bagno

    Carlo Bagno Cast

  19. Photo of Franca Martelli

    Franca Martelli Cast

  20. Photo of Mauro Vestri

    Mauro Vestri Cast

  21. Photo of Renato Malavasi

    Renato Malavasi Cast

  22. Photo of Sergio Salvati

    Sergio Salvati Cinematography

  23. Photo of Vince Tempera

    Vince Tempera Music

  24. Photo of Fabio Frizzi

    Fabio Frizzi Music

  25. Photo of Franco Bixio

    Franco Bixio Music

  26. Photo of Ornella Micheli

    Ornella Micheli Editing

  27. Photo of Massimo Lentini

    Massimo Lentini Costume Design