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  1. pomegranate's rating of the film Dragon

    star for colour and a star for takeshi keneshiro

  2. Nathan Goldman's rating of the film Dragon

    if i was as good of a detective as takeshi kaneshiro i would be able to figure out whether the occasionally confusing pieces of backstory are intentionally vague or just a result of weinstein cuts

  3. dominique s.'s rating of the film Dragon

    I love the way this was executed. The deconstruction of the crime scene and the fighting was amazing.

  4. Sơn Nguyễn's rating of the film Dragon

    Wuxia + Noir + great cinematography. The family scene is so heartbroken. Best movie and the must-see of Peter Chan.

  5. Clayton Wong's rating of the film Dragon

    The crime scene deconstruction is incredible. Donnie Yen's presence makes this film.

  6. msmichel's rating of the film Dragon

    Fantastic picture from Peter Chan that delivers both dramatically and as a wu xia action picture. Donnie Yen gives one of his best performances here as a former vicious clan member who for ten years as been living a quiet life under a new identity with a young family. Forced to defend himself he finds himself the quarry of a wry investigator that winds up bringing the clan back into his life as well. Fully delivers.

  7. rado's rating of the film Dragon

    A microscopic inspection of the mythical martial arts genre with great period details and involving plot with a heavily dramatic climax. Still, Chan's real intention here is hard to deduce.

  8. Junda Mane's rating of the film Dragon

    The best martial arts film of 2011. No competition.

  9. nrh's rating of the film Dragon

    the extent to which this film succeeds is the extent to which the auteur is donnie yen.

  10. criminalmovies's rating of the film Dragon

    Great martial arts action scenes and compelling characters here. The dynamic between Detective Xu Bai-Jiu (Takeshi Kaneshiro) and mild mannered family man with a secret, Liu Jin-Xi (Donnie Yen) alone make it worth a watch. Treads territory similar to "A History of Violence" and "Out of the Past" but more as different examination of the same questions than imitation. Can a bad man become a good man? everyone wonders.

  11. polkasan's rating of the film Dragon

    Donnie Yen in all its greatness.

  12. Eastern Film Fans's rating of the film Dragon

    Check out my review here

  13. Halomoan Sirait's rating of the film Dragon

    Masih JIA ZHANG KE lovers.. jadi yang ini kerasa biasa aja (B-)

  14. FailedImitator's rating of the film Dragon

    It didn't hold up to my expectations, but it's perfectly adequate I guess.

  15. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Dragon

    a 7/10 my review here: