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  1. Photo of Kimitoshi Chioka

    Kimitoshi Chioka Director

  2. Photo of Morio Hatano

    Morio Hatano Director

  3. Photo of Masato Mikami

    Masato Mikami Director

  4. Photo of Kôji Ogawa

    Kôji Ogawa Director

  5. Photo of Takahiro Imamura

    Takahiro Imamura Director

  6. Photo of Kazuya Karasawa

    Kazuya Karasawa Director

  7. Photo of Masato Mitsuka

    Masato Mitsuka Director

  8. Photo of Akira Toriyama

    Akira Toriyama Screenplay

  9. Photo of Atsuhiro Tomioka

    Atsuhiro Tomioka Screenplay

  10. Photo of Yukinori Fukushima

    Yukinori Fukushima Screenplay

  11. Photo of King Ryû

    King Ryû Screenplay

  12. Photo of Hiroshi Yamaguchi

    Hiroshi Yamaguchi Screenplay

  13. Photo of Toshio Yoshitaka

    Toshio Yoshitaka Screenplay

  14. Photo of Masako Nozawa

    Masako Nozawa Voice

  15. Photo of Ryo Horikawa

    Ryo Horikawa Voice

  16. Photo of Masakazu Morita

    Masakazu Morita Voice

  17. Photo of Naoki Tatsuta

    Naoki Tatsuta Voice

  18. Photo of Hiromi Tsuru

    Hiromi Tsuru Voice

  19. Photo of Kôichi Yamadera

    Kôichi Yamadera Voice

  20. Photo of Takeshi Kusao

    Takeshi Kusao Voice

  21. Photo of Mayumi Tanaka

    Mayumi Tanaka Voice

  22. Photo of Toshio Furukawa

    Toshio Furukawa Voice

  23. Photo of Eiko Yamada

    Eiko Yamada Voice

  24. Photo of Naoko Watanabe

    Naoko Watanabe Voice

  25. Photo of Ryôichi Tanaka

    Ryôichi Tanaka Voice

  26. Photo of Shigeru Chiba

    Shigeru Chiba Voice

  27. Photo of Tesshō Genda

    Tesshō Genda Voice

  28. Photo of Ryūsei Nakao

    Ryūsei Nakao Voice