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  1. Photo of Michael Biehn

    Michael Biehn Cast

  2. Photo of Maggie Q

    Maggie Q Cast

  3. Photo of Shawn Yue

    Shawn Yue Cast

  4. Photo of Sammo Hung Kam-Bo

    Sammo Hung Kam-Bo Cast

  5. Photo of Yu Xia

    Yu Xia Cast

  6. Photo of Simon Yam

    Simon Yam Cast

  7. Photo of Lawrence Chou

    Lawrence Chou Cast

  8. Photo of Bingbing Li

    Bingbing Li Cast

  9. Photo of Heo Jun-ho

    Heo Jun-ho Cast

  10. Photo of Vanness Wu

    Vanness Wu Cast

  11. Photo of Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee Screenplay and Director

  12. Photo of Lau Ho Leung

    Lau Ho Leung Screenplay

  13. Photo of Steven Seagal

    Steven Seagal Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Susanna Tsang

    Susanna Tsang Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Michael Chou

    Michael Chou Producer

  16. Photo of Chak Ming Ho

    Chak Ming Ho Producer

  17. Photo of Catherine Hun

    Catherine Hun Producer

  18. Photo of Li Kuo-Hsing

    Li Kuo-Hsing Producer

  19. Photo of Shu Hui Liao

    Shu Hui Liao Producer

  20. Photo of James Moy

    James Moy Producer and Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Young Chen

    Young Chen Music

  22. Photo of Tony Cheung

    Tony Cheung Cinematography

  23. Photo of Chung Wai-Chiu

    Chung Wai-Chiu Editing

  24. Photo of Liu Kai-chi

    Liu Kai-chi Cast

  25. Photo of Shengyi Huang

    Shengyi Huang Cast