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Ratings & Reviews

  1. SlinkyLi's rating of the film Dragon Strike

    First half slow. An early work, it showcases Chan's stunting abilities more than his martial arts. Crazy sports scenes and his classic slo-mo second take for badass moments make up for it

  2. Mic in Port's rating of the film Dragon Strike

    As deftworker said, this is not a martial arts film per se, it's definitely something..else, a period film that happens to have some fighting. Impressed by all the tricks and stunts done here, the big game of Jianzi is amazing to watch, like an orchestrated dance, and the final fight scene utilizes every spare inch of the barn in what is an in-genius display of Chan's creativity. Delightful work.

  3. As'ad's rating of the film Dragon Strike

    Defiantly NOT a martial arts film. More so than any period film before from Hong Kong (Golden Harvest) cinema. Very innovative and loose-limbed, also a great showcase for the limitless abilities of Chan's stunt team, especially his co-star Mars.