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  1. Photo of Mikhail Romm

    Mikhail Romm Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Yevgeni Gabrilovich

    Yevgeni Gabrilovich Screenplay

  3. Photo of Yelena Kuzmina

    Yelena Kuzmina Cast

  4. Photo of Faina Ranevskaya

    Faina Ranevskaya Cast

  5. Photo of Vladimir Solovyov

    Vladimir Solovyov Cast

  6. Photo of Vladimir Shcheglov

    Vladimir Shcheglov Cast

  7. Photo of Arkadi Kislyakov

    Arkadi Kislyakov Cast

  8. Photo of Ada Vojtsik

    Ada Vojtsik Cast

  9. Photo of Mikhail Astangov

    Mikhail Astangov Cast

  10. Photo of Mikhail Bolduman

    Mikhail Bolduman Cast

  11. Photo of Rostislav Plyatt

    Rostislav Plyatt Cast

  12. Photo of Nikolai Orlov

    Nikolai Orlov Cast

  13. Photo of Boris Volchek

    Boris Volchek Cinematography

  14. Photo of Henry Vars

    Henry Vars Music

  15. Photo of Vladimir Kaplunovskiy

    Vladimir Kaplunovskiy Production Design

  16. Photo of Yeva Ladyzhenskaya

    Yeva Ladyzhenskaya Editing