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  1. Alex's rating of the film Dreaming Murakami

  2. EdieEmm's rating of the film Dreaming Murakami

    #HotDocs25 Understated poetry. You sense it immediately - 1st shot - she's reflected into triplicate around the working translation on her screen, self diffuse, already signalling her frequent visits to that very Murakami, alongside, less well-defined plane. Mette Holm is perfect, and I feel a bit in love with the director. A quiet celebration of nuance and understanding. Left me feeling somehow elated and safe. 4.5

  3. Wietse Van Ransbeeck's rating of the film Dreaming Murakami

    Brilliant documentary about the art of translation. It shows well how complex it is to enter Murakami's imaginary world full of Japanese oddities, to preserve these elements in translation and, at the same time, to give the story a new life in the foreign language. Highly recommended for every book and/or Japan lover!