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  1. Photo of Marie de Maricourt

    Marie de Maricourt Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Angélique Bridoux

    Angélique Bridoux Cast

  3. Photo of Naëlle Dariya

    Naëlle Dariya Cast

  4. Photo of Nathalie Cuenet

    Nathalie Cuenet Cast

  5. Photo of Vincent Chaumont

    Vincent Chaumont Cast

  6. Photo of Raphaël Tschudi

    Raphaël Tschudi Cast

  7. Photo of Fanny Mazoyer

    Fanny Mazoyer Cinematography

  8. Photo of Thomas Goguelin

    Thomas Goguelin Music

  9. Photo of Gabriela Bussmann

    Gabriela Bussmann Producer and Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Gabriel González

    Gabriel González Editing

  11. Photo of Eva Zornio

    Eva Zornio Sound