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  1. Photo of Chun Ouyang

    Chun Ouyang Director

  2. Photo of Lan Yung Cheng

    Lan Yung Cheng Producer

  3. Photo of Lung Ku

    Lung Ku Screenplay

  4. Photo of Peng Tien

    Peng Tien Cast

  5. Photo of Wen Chiang-lung

    Wen Chiang-lung Cast

  6. Photo of Lung Chung-erh

    Lung Chung-erh Cast

  7. Photo of Kit Lai

    Kit Lai Cast

  8. Photo of Yun Ling

    Yun Ling Cast

  9. Photo of Chang Chung-kuei

    Chang Chung-kuei Cast

  10. Photo of Cheng Ku

    Cheng Ku Cast

  11. Photo of Lieh Lee

    Lieh Lee Cast

  12. Photo of Ou Li-pao

    Ou Li-pao Cast

  13. Photo of Shih Ting-Ken

    Shih Ting-Ken Cast

  14. Photo of Su Jen-ping

    Su Jen-ping Cast

  15. Photo of Yao Wang

    Yao Wang Cast

  16. Photo of Yang Hui-San

    Yang Hui-San Cast