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  1. Photo of Luís Alvarães

    Luís Alvarães Producer

  2. Photo of Fernando Vendrell

    Fernando Vendrell Producer, Screenplay, Director

  3. Photo of Carla Baptista

    Carla Baptista Screenplay

  4. Photo of Luís Correia

    Luís Correia Cinematography

  5. Photo of Carlos Germano

    Carlos Germano Cast

  6. Photo of Betina Lopes

    Betina Lopes Cast

  7. Photo of Paulo Miranda

    Paulo Miranda Cast

  8. Photo of Manuel Estevão

    Manuel Estevão Cast

  9. Photo of Rita Loureiro

    Rita Loureiro Cast

  10. Photo of Pedro Ribeiro

    Pedro Ribeiro Editing

  11. Photo of Rui Alves

    Rui Alves Production Design

  12. Photo of Vasco Pimentel

    Vasco Pimentel Sound

  13. Photo of Figueira Cid

    Figueira Cid Cast

  14. Photo of Elíseo Leite

    Elíseo Leite Cast

  15. Photo of Daniel Martinho

    Daniel Martinho Cast

  16. Photo of Silvia Lima

    Silvia Lima Cast