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Ratings & Reviews

  1. José Neves's rating of the film Drifters

    35mm, rewatched. Drifting, from surface to underwater, from human life to the animal kingdom, from a panoramic view to a dynamic participation, from the documentary point of view to the imaginary, to drift: this is the main objective, absolutely consummate, of this film, maximum opus of a certain school of documentary and of an ethical modus before the cinematic look.

  2. In Prague's rating of the film Drifters

    Dried-thyme sea emptied of fish like the blue sky of sparrows and erstwhile thermometers of quicksilver. Had silent cinema survived, would it have spawned an autonomous full-fledged gesture alphabet, some idiosyncratic fingerspelling? asks Farocki in an essay. Hands protect, grip, fold under the sidesleeper's cheek, or out of view rivet the giddy camera to board. On & off screen this film is manual labor sinfonietta.

  3. ap's rating of the film Drifters