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  1. Photo of Storm Thorgerson

    Storm Thorgerson Director

  2. Photo of Jon Blair

    Jon Blair Producer

  3. Photo of Charles Baudelaire

    Charles Baudelaire Screenplay

  4. Photo of Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning Screenplay

  5. Photo of William S. Burroughs

    William S. Burroughs Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jean Cocteau

    Jean Cocteau Screenplay

  7. Photo of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

    Samuel Taylor Coleridge Screenplay

  8. Photo of Thomas De Quincey

    Thomas De Quincey Screenplay

  9. Photo of Philip K. Dick

    Philip K. Dick Screenplay

  10. Photo of David Galo

    David Galo Screenplay

  11. Photo of Théophile Gautier

    Théophile Gautier Screenplay

  12. Photo of Allen Ginsberg

    Allen Ginsberg Screenplay and Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Graves

    Robert Graves Screenplay

  14. Photo of Aldous Huxley

    Aldous Huxley Screenplay

  15. Photo of Anna Kavan

    Anna Kavan Screenplay

  16. Photo of Jack Kerouac

    Jack Kerouac Screenplay

  17. Photo of Ken Kesey

    Ken Kesey Screenplay

  18. Photo of Jay McInerney

    Jay McInerney Screenplay

  19. Photo of Gérard de Nerval

    Gérard de Nerval Screenplay

  20. Photo of Anaïs Nin

    Anaïs Nin Screenplay

  21. Photo of Edgar Allan Poe

    Edgar Allan Poe Screenplay

  22. Photo of Arthur Rimbaud

    Arthur Rimbaud Screenplay

  23. Photo of Brian Aldiss

    Brian Aldiss Cast

  24. Photo of J.G. Ballard

    J.G. Ballard Cast

  25. Photo of Virginia Berridge

    Virginia Berridge Cast

  26. Photo of Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Cast and Screenplay

  27. Photo of Todd Boyco

    Todd Boyco Cast

  28. Photo of Robin Buss

    Robin Buss Cast

  29. Photo of Carolyn Cassady

    Carolyn Cassady Cast

  30. Photo of Ann Charters

    Ann Charters Cast

  31. Photo of E.M.R. Critchley

    E.M.R. Critchley Cast

  32. Photo of Margaret Crosland

    Margaret Crosland Cast

  33. Photo of Tony Dickenson

    Tony Dickenson Cast

  34. Photo of Annette Dolphin

    Annette Dolphin Cast

  35. Photo of David Gascoyne

    David Gascoyne Cast

  36. Photo of Ronald Hayman

    Ronald Hayman Cast

  37. Photo of John Hemmings

    John Hemmings Cast

  38. Photo of Bernard Howells

    Bernard Howells Cast

  39. Photo of Francis Huxley

    Francis Huxley Cast

  40. Photo of Laura Archera Huxley

    Laura Archera Huxley Cast

  41. Photo of Oscar Janiger

    Oscar Janiger Cast

  42. Photo of Marek Kohn

    Marek Kohn Cast

  43. Photo of Malcolm Lader

    Malcolm Lader Cast

  44. Photo of Timothy Leary

    Timothy Leary Cast

  45. Photo of Grevel Lindop

    Grevel Lindop Cast

  46. Photo of George Melly

    George Melly Cast

  47. Photo of Eric Mottram

    Eric Mottram Cast

  48. Photo of Paul O'Prey

    Paul O'Prey Cast

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