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  1. waywardwaters's rating of the film Drug War

    Johnnie To imports Legalism back in this piece of artful entertainment albeit with a neutral, cerebral decree of excitement in action, wit and stoic humor. For a repressed society sans communication (presented by the multitudes of language and dialect), death is not the only logical option, it’s the most just. Despite any Confucian claims to the contrary, there are no winners in the war on drugs. Everyone loses.

  2. Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film Drug War

    Johnnie To is a master of pacing, unfolding a layered plot at a stately clip that climaxes in a way that makes the famous bank robbery of Heat look like an Arthur episode about gun safety. Not to be missed by crime fans of any stripe

  3. Paolo Utili's rating of the film Drug War

  4. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Drug War

    A masterpiece that again shows To's ability to consistently reinvent himself with each film, even in the same genre. Going economical with Michael Mann's (Heat/Miami Vice) trademark terse-and-tense, moody style, he makes a police procedural that moves like a bullet into its momentous, epical shootout that transcends 1969's The Wild Bunch. Then asks rhetorically: who's the best auteur of action films in the world?

  5. Gianpiero Mendini [cineddoche]'s rating of the film Drug War

    Johnnie To non si smentisce nemmeno in territori della Cina mainland e confeziona un thriller tesissimo e senza respiro, una lunga e dolorosa operazione anti-droga in cui nessuno vince e tutti perdono (anche la vita). La sparatoria finale è straordinaria e ricorda molto il finale di Expect the Unexpected. Dalle parti del capolavoro.

  6. Jeremiah Johnson's rating of the film Drug War

    Its impossible to be go back to a Hollywood action/thriller after a Hong Kong film detour.

  7. Ostermyers's rating of the film Drug War

  8. Gonçalo Rosas's rating of the film Drug War

    (Generous) 9 - One of the most deceptively intelligent films I have seen in ages. A by-the-book (flagrantly flawed) police procedural drawn well within the lines imposed by The Mainland is slowly suffused with opprobrium for what it's seemingly promoting, by the simple act of recognizing the humanity of everyone involved. Nothing's more unpredictable, or deceiving, than a man with nothing to lose. Can you blame him?

  9. el.'s rating of the film Drug War

    would have given it less it it weren't for such a brilliant shootout. what a way to end it!

  10. paxy's rating of the film Drug War

  11. AugusteB's rating of the film Drug War

    Too cool, too much cliché and too many poker faced men.

  12. klofter's rating of the film Drug War

    As far as Johnnie To films go, this one is pretty unremarkable on the visual front. But what a performance by Honglei Sun! And what a flawlessly paced and edited movie! I'm always impressed with To's ability to tell intricate stories in a seamless, faced-paced manner that never forgoes character for cheap thrills but always delivers back-to-back nail-biting suspense. Drug War is no exception in that regard.

  13. Henning und Nina's rating of the film Drug War

    Das Ende ist leider nicht stimmig zum Rest...

  14. Albrecht B. Christoph's rating of the film Drug War

    Irgendwie schon ganz cool diese ganzen unbewegten Gesichter, aber es dauert bis fast ganz Schluss bis der Film etwas Geschwindigkeit bekommt, um dann mit einer völlig unrealistischen und unkoordinierten Polizeiaktion zu enden.

  15. Giovanni Maroli's rating of the film Drug War

    A very good mafia movie with a touch of non-sense and a superb anti-rhetoric ending.

  16. Achim Grün's rating of the film Drug War

    Maybe the best showdown I have ever seen. No wonder Tarantino likes Jonnie To so much... Still not sure what to think about a potential statement about subjects like police brutality or capital punishment... But maybe there is no statement and there does not need to be one.

  17. mortal's rating of the film Drug War

    There were quite a few Hong Kong crime thrillers in the last 3-4 years and DRUG WAR is certainly one of the best of them. It's also one of the few To films i like. The pacing and the action sequences are great and To's style fits its destructive environment. You'll enjoy this if you liked THE YELLOW SEA or THE MAN FROM NOWHERE.

  18. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Drug War

    Ormai Johnnie To non stupisce più: padronanza assoluta della messa in scena,personaggi fantastici e scene girate in maniera magistrale,da mostrare nelle Accademie.Ogni 10 minuti c'è una scena da ricordare(la sparatoria coi sordomuti è impressionante) ed il finale chiude la storia in maniera splendida:Johnnie è davvero un grande. 4*

  19. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Drug War

  20. Ari's rating of the film Drug War

    Although it might be one of To's more straightforward films (in stylistic and narrative terms), it's also one of his most subversive, beautifully depicting the pointlessness of drug wars, in which everyone loses. To also blurs the boundaries so completely that it becomes impossible to tell who protagonists, anti-heroes or villains are. To also shots China in a way that I've never seen, as an industrial waste zone.

  21. Matt's rating of the film Drug War

    Something I don't quite understand; is this a pro-government, anti-drug propaganda flick or a subversive attack on the Chinese government/police force? I'd like that latter a lot more, but even then, some things don't quite work.

  22. Fabio Di Felice's rating of the film Drug War

    Bellissimo! Scene d'azioni splendide, e un dramma poliziesco che sale fino alla scena che conclude il tutto che è da togliere il fiato. La sparatoria appena prima è una roba allucinante.

  23. Zach Closs's rating of the film Drug War

    To's ability to continually reinvent himself in the same genre without losing a shred of his identity is astonishing.

  24. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Drug War

    It simply became in Johnnie To's most interesting film in years. Review and Rating:

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