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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Roopa Barua's rating of the film Dry Red Chillies

    Beautifully shot in Kolkatta. The city has never looked better. Mithun C and Sabyasachi portray their characters beautifully. Hats off to the director for handling the storyline with multiple elements. Worth a watch.

  2. Timothy Phillips's rating of the film Dry Red Chillies

    This film has been DUBBED (into Hindi, I suppose, plus a little English) from another language (Bengali, I imagine) AND SUBTITLED (in English). The dialogue does not match the lip movements and there is plenty of dialogue, including conversations at high speed involving multiple characters. As I can neither lip-read Bengali nor understand Hindi I found it unwatchable and gave up after 8 minutes.

  3. George Panagopoulos's rating of the film Dry Red Chillies

    oh my that was amazing...ok i loved the characters and yes i was crying at the end...but not because i was sad but because i was happy for the main character,his wife...damn u have to see it

  4. crewmate's rating of the film Dry Red Chillies

    Indian Cinema can be intresting. Good to knoe that