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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Dry Season

    Sur les immuables thématiques de la vengeance, du pardon et de la culpabilité, une lente et amène oeuvre d'origine franco-tchadienne, efficace et sobre, d'une urgente bienvenue, fort justement primée au festival de Venise...

  2. Yasser Azmy's rating of the film Dry Season

    Better than what i expected , actually too good

  3. Malik's rating of the film Dry Season

    This reminds me of Nothing But a Man.

  4. Malkin's rating of the film Dry Season

    A man who cannot speak and a man who cannot see, and between them the only possibility for reconciliation a boy who cannot remember the events he has to avenge. Simmering themes of hatred, revenge, forgiveness, family, and masculinity run through this minimalist parable and moral tale for a war-torn Chad - but Haroun also has a very keen grasp of human emotions and his characters speak volumes with deadened stares.

  5. Ibrahim Azhar's rating of the film Dry Season

  6. Angela O's rating of the film Dry Season

    what sticks with me about this movie was that there was no soundtrack. the film was filled with striking silences which really allowed you to focus on the characters actions and expressions. wonderful movie. watch it.