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  1. kinotopia's rating of the film Dry Summer

    very compact and captivating. from riparian rights to perverse domestic abuse, this movie covers it all with fantastic pacing.

  2. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Dry Summer

    Surprisingly accomplished and profound. This has the stylistic leftovers of Italian Neorealism, the cynicism of Bunuel and hints of Psycho that come together to serve both Turkish political commentary and a very real and dynamic film experience. It's only negatives come from some stilted acting in parts and a plot device at the end that runs contrary to its negative message about patriarchy.

  3. nouvelle vague 1960's rating of the film Dry Summer

    "Dry Summer" is the kind of film,where you can almost feel the heat and smell the earth on the screen!The eldest brother of two,decides to dam up the neighbourhoods water source and begins a feud with the local villagers.Passions build on all sides,including between the brothers,when the younger one marries a beautiful bride.Soon blood will run,but not only the blood of the earth!One negative are the animal killings.

  4. Güven Şahinkanat's rating of the film Dry Summer

    masterpiece! İf you look at camera movements all those dynamic fast rotations ,pans , tilts are creating a language for this film . Because locations are few ... water canal , field , a house .thats all. If this director didnt use those camera movements , this movie could be really boring . water and woman all of these are life sources for humanity .Male dominated society is showin their bad face to achive these.

  5. Sezen Tezic's rating of the film Dry Summer

    Kitaba harfiyen bagli kalinmis, oyunculuklar, kirsal ve sive yine hikayeyi destekler nitelikte. Sevmek Zamani ile Metin Erksan'i kendimde getirdigim nokta,bu hikaye aktarmaciliginda yer bulmadi. Yine de guzel guzellemeler var.

  6. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Dry Summer

    Una joyita. Erksan inicia con una cámara virtuosa por su movilidad. Sigue y no la normas técnicas comunes. Su cámara promueve los primeros planosde la dureza del rostro y luego los rompe con planos de 360 grados o que descienden o ascienden. Lo planos picados omnipresentes, propio del género western, algo que es. La afrenta por un manantial público, la de hermanos, lo sugerente de sus escenas, el contraluz lírico.

  7. raggiodisole's rating of the film Dry Summer

    A misguided(bad?) man gets his comeuppance. So much noise about the dog, but context please? a feverish tale well told.

  8. dialupmodem's rating of the film Dry Summer

    when osman got bumrushed in the woods that was funny af. its an enthralling story and frankly a cinematic marvel

  9. GENO#40's rating of the film Dry Summer

    The ultimate villain. Thank you Fatih Akem and Martin Scorsese for restoring this beautiful, painful, daring, extremely relevant, classic film.

  10. Adrian Hannusch's rating of the film Dry Summer

  11. Rich Haber's rating of the film Dry Summer

    Fine restoration, thank Scorsese's World Cinema Foundation. In the vengeance genre, this one ain't too shabby.

  12. Maru Sanchez's rating of the film Dry Summer

    Relly fine movie. Great story, intense climax and fantastic cinematography. Seems simple but is complex and the characters are really well defined.

  13. Akin Ercan's rating of the film Dry Summer

    The camera work of Ali Uğur is really way beyond its time regarding other Turkish films of this period. A Masterpiece!

  14. artstaris's rating of the film Dry Summer

  15. Dailyllama's rating of the film Dry Summer

    Loved the raw look at the unsophisticated emotional life of the 'real' people; absorbing without being 'studious'!

  16. sanon's rating of the film Dry Summer

  17. Deborah's rating of the film Dry Summer

    Very good movie! It keeps you alert, surprising you...

  18. Raul's rating of the film Dry Summer

    Indeed a great movie. In my opinion, sometimes artistic commitment requires to overlook animal cruelty. I know it's hard to understand, but I don't believe these two scenes can be modified without loosing their essence and strength. Something similar happens in Spain with bullfighting where the death of the bull is a must. After all, we elude animal cruelty quite often when it refers to food (foie, meat, lobsters,..)

  19. Matthew Babb's rating of the film Dry Summer

    This is the first film I watched on the autuers and from Turkey. A beutifully filmed melodrama about two brothers, water and a wife. The people in it are good actors playing dumb people but its a well told story about loyalty, betrayal and redemption with some facinating countryside and ahead of its time camerawork.

  20. Pankaj's rating of the film Dry Summer

    legacy of Turkish cinema very important film in the history of turkish cinema.

  21. Isaaa's rating of the film Dry Summer

    Superb! It's really interesting to get in touch with movies from differents parts of the world and realise the extent of realistic movement. The dog scene is very powerful. As for the charecters, the contruction of Osman is well done. We can actually feel how ruthless and manipulative he is. Definitely,a masterpiece!

  22. Sun's rating of the film Dry Summer

    Wonderful flick! There are the flexible people willing to share, as fluid as the water, and the selfish, inflexible man, as clogged as the dam.

  23. Nathan 'Veggie' Whyte's rating of the film Dry Summer

    Slightly put off by the animal cruelty

  24. Danny Ontiveros's rating of the film Dry Summer

    Simply Beautiful great ending !!!

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