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  1. Photo of Tancred Ibsen

    Tancred Ibsen Director

  2. Photo of Einar Sissener

    Einar Sissener Director and Cast

  3. Photo of Randi Brænne

    Randi Brænne Cast

  4. Photo of Kirsten Heiberg

    Kirsten Heiberg Cast

  5. Photo of Lasse Segelcke

    Lasse Segelcke Cast

  6. Photo of Einar Vaage

    Einar Vaage Cast

  7. Photo of Hauk Aabel

    Hauk Aabel Cast

  8. Photo of Gunhild Schytte-Jacobsen

    Gunhild Schytte-Jacobsen Cast

  9. Photo of Borty Lindvig

    Borty Lindvig Cast

  10. Photo of Thoralf Klouman

    Thoralf Klouman Cast

  11. Photo of Gunnar Simenstad

    Gunnar Simenstad Cast

  12. Photo of Jens Holstad

    Jens Holstad Cast

  13. Photo of Kirsten Monrad-Aas

    Kirsten Monrad-Aas Cast

  14. Photo of Willy Johansen

    Willy Johansen Music